Between 1913 and 1928 there was a narrow-gauge railway according to Wikipedia. But it wasn’t built for passengers, but it was made for transporting goods. But the proposals for a railway system on Iceland began in the early 1900s, with a proposed line between Reykjavík and Selfoss but these were abandoned. Then it tookContinue Reading

best beaches in brazil

Brazil and beaches, go hand in hand. The county has 4500 miles of coastline on the South Atlantic with a tropical climate that guarantee travelers fun days spent under the blue skies while enjoying the sea and sand. Travelers to Brazil will also find a charm in the dance cultureContinue Reading

There are many airlines in the world, but a few of these airlines stand above the rest. Below, you’ll find the ten finest airlines across the globe. If you choose to fly with one of these airlines, you can expect to have a fantastic experience. 1. Singapore Airlines Although thisContinue Reading