Saint Basil Russia, most beautiful cathedrals of the world, most beautiful churches in the world

Among the most beautiful sceneries in the world, are the artistic and gothic cathedrals and churches. Today we are going to cover some of the most beautiful churches in the world. Filled with unfathomable love, of devotion, art, today’s dignified, legendary, and majestic cathedrals represent some of the most intriguingContinue Reading

Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful bridges, 7 most beautiful bridges around the world

Crossing over has never looked so beautiful! In this article, we have found 7 of the most beautiful bridges around the world. Bridges are just constructions to help people between valleys or rivers, but there is something powerful and majestic about bridges. They have become more than a pathway forContinue Reading

Most of the people that come to Norway Oslo think that it is very expensive here. The reason for that is that the price level in Norway is very high. It is actually so high that the tourist writes bad written books and comments about Oslo. Yes, I am reallyContinue Reading