If there is one game that you should get in 2017, then it’s not COD, GTA5 or even Super Mario! It is Tower 57. It is a game worth all of your money. Not because it’s soon also out for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS also. But because of the ultimate charm and amazing action adrenaline that it delivers from start to end. This game is out NOW on Steam, and if there is ONE game to get there for Linux, MacOSX or Windows… then Tower 57 is the game. 11 bit Studios and Pixwerk presents this brilliant game together. I would even go as far as saying as this is Game of the Year 2017! Let’s introduce you pixel heaven!…

Tower 57 Review on Distrita
photosource: Distrita – Amazing detailed pixeled graphics in Tower 57 game for sure

Everything in Tower 57 which you find on Steam is as Expected from a Steampunk game

Yes! I must admit that my Amiga background sort of kicked a lot in this interview, when I played Tower 57 for the first time. But it wasn’t just that. It was the whole package that this game gave my gaming soul. I still haven’t tried out the Multiplayer part of the game, but the Single player part is awesome! Which is a very important part for the game. It is totally worth it! There is simply NO NEGATIVE whatsoever comment regarding this game. None! And that is quite unique comment from my side as I can be quite picky on things.

From the very first beginning. This game as called Tower 57, is presented in beautifully pixeled graphics enviroment. There is no full motion video, 3d animated movie or something that is not part of the whole package that the game presents. Tower 57, is presented in the same pixeled graphics form from the point when you start the game, until you quit. This manages to create a beautiful game from A to Z for sure! These guys behind Tower 57 at Alienware, is showing how amazingly talented they are in bringing pixeled graphics to modern operating systems like Linux, MacOSX or Windows. They also show that pixeled graphics WORKS! That it is beautiful to look at. That all of the animations, transactions, information to you as a player etc… It’s all presented in pixeled graphics to you.

Tower 57 game is for sure a very well made game, that puts you now and then, here and there in time on today’s computing platform. It is stunning, and it is really great to see that our world haven’t lost great computer game graphicians at all… No! We haven’t! Just look at Tower 57! This is state of the art for sure.

Tower 57 Review on Distrita
photosource: Distrita – Shooting and killing monsters have never been so much Fun for sure! Explotion animations are brilliant too!

Amazing action from the start to end in Tower 57! Amazing madness

Once the game starts after you have installed it from Steam, or anywhere else where you’ve got it. The game presents to you the team logo of Alienware and the Tower 57 logo. Same goes for the options menu, character selection and the gameplay itself. It’s all nicely done graphics (again…!!!), and the gameplay is smooth which is the most important thing of any game.

Shooting is done by mouse and the default controls is very alike Quake or other FPS with W, S, A and D keys used for steering your character. Choosing weapons is easy too, with the numeric keys on top of your keyboard. Then you also have special moves, which is done by pressing the C key. The F key, is to interact with objects, people and odd machines (no spoilers!!!…). You can also interact with different types of terminals and all of the money that you collect can be used to upgrade parts of your character. You also have options in reviving your dead characters and more, but this is for you to explore and find-out for yourself.

Right from the start, when you enter the sewers. The action begins! And it’s not really Easy if you choose to play the game in Easy mode neither. But that is what makes this game challenging. Games that was made before 2005, is way more difficult to play all in all. Way more difficult infact. Just look at Super Mario Bros for Nintendo! Same thing goes for this Tower 57 game, which follows that but is released in 2017. When you have mastered to controls, Tower 57 will for sure reward you so much that in the end it will not be difficult, but actually quite easy and humongous fun playing the game!


From the moment that you understand, that you can destroy almost everything and collect money at stuff from the explosions. You feel this reward sensations. This game demands so much, but also rewards you towards victory in the end. That is something which games that is made today is lacking way too much. What is hiding at the top of the tower though is unknown. You have to find out. Maybe a giga-dinosaur rexx XXL boss?

Tower 57 Review on Distrita
photosource: Distrita – Hidden walls and rooms can be found everywhere in this game.

Fluid animations, Amazing character design, Brilliant level design and Music in Tower 57

It’s not only the graphics and gameplay that have blown my mind regarding this game. It is also the fluid animations, amazing character design, Brilliant level design and music that counts. The brilliant explotions, the amazing creature character design and music is just incredible well done too. The explotions animations have every detail regarding wall explotions. Its overreacted in a positive way. You feel so rewarded because of the nice explotions and all of the animations that comes with it. The characters you choose also have different personalities and different weapons. They also have different strengths too. You really choose those characters that you love most and many will find there favorite characters in the end.

The punk steam theme in this game is also amazing. It got a very correct feel to it and it is here where I also need to reveal about the brilliant level design. There is so much hidden rooms and ways that you can go. So, each time you try to play the game. You also experience to see new areas or see new places each new time you play. I just love this type of level creations. This game rewards you so much, even with its difficulty settings. In this way you also become a master in playing Tower 57 too.


The music and the sound effects is also brilliant. Every level, rooms, floors and places where you are have different types of music synth beat themes that helps the mood of the game a lot. The synth-punk-electric-style-Amiga-alike-music is incredible. The sound effects are also brilliant, but the music choice is for sure adding a stunning element to this game too.

Tower 57 simply feel a total action package that no other game of this type can match. This is for sure a well made Chaos Engine based game. It is a nice reason to get that adrenaline pumpin! Tower 57 got no negative sides. Really none…! But if there is one that needs to be said, it is the lack of a original classic AmigaOS version of this game. This tower action packed game deserves to be released on the platform that it is based on. We know from the Kickstarter page that is related to this game that a MorphOS, AmigaOS 4 and AROS version is coming. But, classic? If Chaos Engine can handle these kinds of explotions,… then a classic Amiga can. Releasing a 68030++ version would be perfect etc.

Distrita TV showing Tower 57 gameplay in this Video

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The Final Verdict of Tower 57

The best game of 2017 is here. Tower 57 is it. There is nothing that beats it in 2017 for sure. The price on Steam etc is also way too low. The humongous work behind this game isn’t covered we think at all. And when we add that this game does support LAN playing over the Internet. The score should be 1 million…! This game is the best thing that have happened to the gaming world in 2017. It preserves the past. It gives you the adrenaline and it shows you the humongous work that have been done to create this Kickstarter game that is out on services like Steam.


Tower 57 is out for many platforms which is one of it strongest points. However, a classic Amiga release would be perfect. But its really nothing that pulls the score down at all in this review. The fact that they support the nextgen Amiga platforms is a humongous positive reason instead.

Get Tower 57! I haven’t been sponsored or anything writing so many positive words about this game. But this is my honest opinion about this game. This is the Game Of The Year 2017! Thanks to all that have donated to this Kickstarter project and to those creating this game so that it became a reality. Tower 57 is what the world needed right now. Love and humongous respect. Tower 57 is it. Get it Now! runrunrun… You won’t regret it. You won’t!

Here is some more Awesome screenshots from Tower 57 game – Game Of The Year 2017 for sure

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