Auckland – Besides being the largest city and the most beautiful of New Zealand, Auckland has many. Beautiful scenery. It also has a restaurant that serves very good food with food cards worldwide

Wellington – the second largest city and the capital of New Zealand is also an interesting place, with the United Nations para enjoy lots of energy, like going to Incredibles bars, restaurants, shops

Small towns in the region are beautiful and portray life in New Zealand was one of the major cities. Tauranga has charm and sites like Mount Maunganui beach towns that are beautiful, both with many attractions and places of natural beauty.

Rotorua – The city of Rotorua is relatively small compared to Auckland or Wellington, but is one of the most important tourist destinations in New Zealand, with literally hundreds of activities for all tastes and ages. The lake is beautiful and the activities that can be carried around not to be missed. Maori culture is one of the main attractions of Rotorua, because there are several shows, food and attractions that include a bit of Maori culture

Taupo – Taupo town is smaller than the city of Rotorua, and is also found on the shore of a beautiful lake. It has diverse and incredible tourism, spa, lakeside promenades, waterfalls and extreme sports for all.





Whanganui Journey

The Whanganui Journey is a river journey along the Whanganui River in the North Island of New Zealand travelling by canoe or kayak .

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