Before Amiga had the 3D games, people didn’t ever believe that Amiga could run 3D games at all. But the reality is that it could, just that Amiga 500 which is the most known Amiga is got too little power.

Most of the 3D games for Amiga is actually running in software mode. Classic Amiga machines have almost no 3D hardware, so everything is up to the CPU. Except for one game on this list. All runs in software mode.

Here is our Top 5 Best 3D games list for Amiga


Title: Breathless Year: 1995 Requirement: 68030+ but Recommended is: 68060

Fields Of Vision was the developer of this fantastic game. When it was released, it stunned everyone with its visuals and effects. Its easy one of the best Amiga 3D shooters ever made. The music is also fantastic and if you got 68060 CPU in your Amiga 1200 or Amiga 4000. Then this AGA game runs at full speed with no lagging.


Title: Trapped II Year: 1997 Requirement: 68030+ but Recommended is: 68060

Oxyron made this game back in 1997, when Amiga was on a pretty fast downhill. Many had left the Amigascene, but those who didn’t change did upgradings on their beloved Amiga’s. This resulted in that the Amiga scene actually got more and more 3D titles in the worst time of Amiga history. Also a not to be made is that this game came out at a time when CD-ROM’s still was hard to get working on Amigas. This was solved when AmigaOS 3.5 and AmigaOS 3.9 came later, but games like Trapped 2 suffered a lot from that Amigan’s didn’t have the equipment to play it. This have resulted into Trapped 2 be one of the most underrated games ever made. It is also actually one of the very few RPG games for Amiga with a really optimized 3D engine.

This game is fantastic. From the very beginning it shows quality. Even the intro video is something that puts you into the game. Oxyron did a very nice job here indeed. The graphics and sound effects all in all is superb. Especially when this game runs on hardware from 1992.


Title: WipeOut 2097 Year: 1999 Requirement: PowerPC Recommended is: PowerPC

Back in 1999, Digital Images got license from Psygnosis to port WipeOut 2097 to the Amiga platform. That was a huge thing, because it bought a quite popular title to the platform, which the platform needed badly. But this title was released for Classic Amiga’s with PowerPC CPU card. It also runs on MorphOS.

The game is very good and runs quite well.



Title: Gloom Deluxe Year: 1996 Requirement: 68030+

This is a game developed by Black Magic and is mostly an Wolfenstein 3D clone sort of. But it is a very good one indeed. You play thru the levels with unlimited bullets. There are secrets in the game that are nice to be found. The multiplayer part is also great, which lets you socialise. The graphics flies on 68030 which is great. Another thing which is great with this game is the music between levels and the sound effect within the game.

Also, Gloom Deluxe is one of the very few games supporting the 3D i-Glasses from Escom. Rare.


Title: Alien Breed 3D Year: 1995 Requirement: 68030+ Recommended is: 68060


A game developed by Team 17. This is really a 3D shooter, that is more alike Doom. There is more story to this game, and the water effects are quite nice indeed. The pixels are too big though. There are no resolution change available in this game. There is a sequel called Alien Breed 3D II, but it is a disaster as it is made too heavy. There was a graphic card patch released on Aminet, but its very buggy.

The sound effects in this game is nice and intro music is also awesome. Its just so sad to see that this engine struggles.

The Endless Words

So, as you see. The Classic Amiga have many 3D games. They have all of their different styles and spans over different genres. One thing is clear. Amiga got their 3D games after the PC scene. But they also proved that 3D games on Amiga is possible. There are also way more 3D titles than on this list. Be sure to read more about them later on Distrita.