In 1996, a girl icon with huge breasts entered many teenagers minds. A huge breasted woman that could jump, fight and shoot! It was unbelievable for many! Most of parents got shock, while others took the game to their heart in the evenings. Especially, because this was one of the first games that really did a lot to show how to play with a female character that felt so much more real. Tomb Raider managed to change many teenagers that watched porn or erotic magazines into think of big breasted women as females that actually could do something! Because, many boys as teenagers did think (still does…) that huge breasted women is only made for porn magazines that they steal from the kiosks or watch illegally on-line!

Well, Lara Croft changed peoples minds about women in a positive way for most of men out there. Some of the teenagers still got crush on Lara Croft too! So, I am not saying that she isn’t showing her female sexuality. Noo! But this game showed that even big breasted women does have strength and power if they really want to have it. There are many women like Lara Croft training at training studios or running around lakes here in Oslo. I personally must say that Lara Croft was an eyeopener in a positive way and so with thousands or even million others. I loved to play Tomb Raider! On my friends PlayStation consoles and on my Amiga with PlayStation emulator too.

However, this article is not about big breasted women and fitness. Noo! This is about a new version of Tomb Raider 2, which is out Now!

Tomb Raider sold more than 58 million copies worldwide

When the first game in the series arrived in 1996, I was so amazed about the graphics and gameplay back then. Then Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider 3, Tomb Raider The Last revelation, Tomb Raider Chronicles, Tomb Raider Curse of the Sword, Tomb Raider The Prophecy, Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness followed on and on with sale hits one after one. It hit Sega Saturn, PlayStation and MS-DOS. It changed the gaming industry for sure for the better! One of the games that did well in comparison to this game, was the new versions of Prince of Persia, which had a male character that did almost the very same things as Lara Croft did. Maybe we should see Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia together in a game? Ubisoft had development roots in both of them! Anyhow..

Tomb Raider 2 Tomb Raider 2 58 million copies is an achievement in sales business! Ubisoft did get rich on its first success. But this saga didn’t last, even though Angelina Jolie stepped into the movies based on the game series even.

There was lots of issues regarding the development of the later games in the series. The Angel of Darkness was seen as total failure by the developers etc.

However! – Now it is 2017 and the graphics that the very first PlayStation console can produce is outdated a bit. However, with this new version of Tomb Raider 2. This sequel to the game gives a whole new meaning! There is also a Tomb Raider game which was made in 2015, but they made a completely redesign of Lara Croft. The designers should have named this new game a totally new one, because even though the new one is cute and strong too. She isn’t big breasted like the first Lara Croft! And that is sin itself, because is there something you shouldn’t do is to change characters that have actually moved a whole generation. Krmt!


Video showing Tomb Raider 2 in this Unreal Tournament video

In this demo, you can play thru the entire first level of Tomb Raider 2 has been remade to Unreal Engine 4! You will see the first 15 minutes or so, the rest you can play for yourself. Very interesing!

Lara Croft now looks even more Beautiful ang Gorgeous than ever before

Tomb Raider 2 now looks gorgeous for sure! The surroundings, textures and Lara Croft character looks absolutely stunning. The FPS is also steady as you can see in the video below too. The gameplay is alike and the game doesn’t halt because of the upgraded graphics, which is indeed a very nice achievement. Distrita recommends you to try this new demo that is totally free to download and try it for yourself. You can download Tomb Raider 2 remake from their website here or scroll down to the bottom of this article.

So, get ready to get a blast from the past with extravaganza graphics! This new version is simply stunningly done. Huge kudos to those behind this achievement for sure! Tomb Raider is now looking really cool with her glasses, hairstyle and her big breasts. The nature around her is fantastic and she moves as in the original Tomb Raider 2 game too.


All of the footage that you see in the video here is from a totally new Unreal Engine 4 project. The entire first level of Tomb Raider 2 has been remade to Unreal Engine 4! That is a big achievement. I really love this kinds of games where the graphics struck you with its wild cliffs, detailed mountains, grass, stones and water. When Lara Craft walks out of the water, you can see water dropping off her too. This is details! I know, but it is all in the details for me. When you have done such incredible work, you deserve to get positive feedback and Distrita really loves what we see in this video for sure.

Some more photos of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 2 remake Tomb Raider 2

Check out their Website and Download the Tomb Raider 2 Demo for your PC right Now!


Minimum specs:

Windows 7 x64

Graphic card with 2GB VRAM that is Dx11 compatible


4GB RAM (8GB strongly recommended)

6GB free disk space (1.8 gb for the downloaded file and 4 gb for the uncompressed folder)

Any software able to open a .rar file (like WinRAR)

Installation instructions:

1. Download the file


2. Use winrar or else to extract everything in a new folder

3. If you need to install some prerequisite (Framework 3.5 etc…) go to Engine/Extras/Redist/en-us/ and execute UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe

4. Launch TombRaiderDOX.exe



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Tomb Raider 2 Remake Website
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