We aren’t sponsored by anyone on Tenerife. But this is one of the world’s most beautiful islands. Not because of tourism, but because of the awesome nature that you can experience. It is endless as here you can experience 4 seasons in 1 day.

On the Tenerife (in Spain) island you can do the usual stuff that tourists do. You can surf the waves, laying down on the beach or even visit the snowy mountains that include Teide in wintertime.

But if you rather like to explore the island in a cheaper way, you can do that at the same time do some extra shopping. Many people order expensive touristic offers that don’t do much really other than rob your wallet. With our affordable guide. You can get to parks such as Loro Parque and Siam Park with affordable bus and tram services on Tenerife. 

So, let’s dive into the possibilities that you have on Tenerife! Both TITSA and MetroTenerife co-works which means that you have an awesome option for getting around on the island in an in-expensive way.

Get around Tenerife with the in-expensive Bus routes that cover the entire island

The cheapest and most affordable way of getting around on Tenerife is to use the services from TITSA. It got routes stretching all over the island. Some of the routes outside of the bigger cities on the island have a schedule with fewer departures but they also have very busy bus lines all over the island.

As with any city in the world. Buses can get stuck in traffic and because of this, you shouldn’t expect arrival at the time that the timetable says. But be sure to wait for the bus there. Get some drinks or snacks in case you need to wait longer.

Auditorio de Tenerife on Tenerife is spectacular
Auditorio de Tenerife can be reached by Bus and Tram

Here is the overview of the Bus tickets

Single Ticket Option

#1 Virtual Wallet ten+ Ticket = Differ in Price
The price depending on the route. This is a card that you can fill with virtual credits. This ticket is valid for travel on tram or bus and can be topped up with sums of between 5 € and 100 €.


It is worth knowing that Transfers are permitted between tram lines and bus lines with this ticket!

All of the bus lines on Tenerife got various lengths in minutes that you can use them. It is all between 11 Minutes and 120 Minutes. Please see the list here for the line that you will take. If you come from a bigger city. Then this shouldn’t be an issue. Once you understand, it is really easy to get around on Tenerife.

Monthly Ticket Option

#2 Monthly Abono Mes ten+ Ticket = 40 Euro

This is a personal card that gives you unlimited travel in the area of the town only of Tenerife. You can travel one month with this ticket type on this route:
Santa Cruz – La Laguna – Tegueste – El Rosario


A nice ticket if you plan on visiting or staying in one of these cities. You can get around these cities pretty much with this card.

Important facts to know that is useful to know

  • Top-ups the ten+ card from €5 to €100!
  • Valid for travelling by bus and tram all around the island (except Teide and Teno lines)
  • Available at Titsa, Tram Stations, vending machines and authorized outlets
  • Price € 2
  • It can be used by several users. You can change buses. See the list here for how long your ticket is valid on the line you plan to take.

Here is our Review of Loro Parque on Tenerife

Tranvía de Tenerife is Affordable
Tranvía de Tenerife takes you thru Santa Cruz de Tenerife to La Trinidad

Some of the comments regarding Titsa Service with some nice tips included!

A well integrated bus service in the south of Tenerife the Bono card is very useful and and allows quick access onto the bus ,along with a 30% discount. I can’t quite understand the onward journey ticket which many a time seems very reasonable

While staying in Puerto de la Cruz we use the TITSA bus services for seeing the island. So much cheaper than tour operator coach tours, and you get to see local life and communities. There is a frequent service by very comfortable coach to Santa Cruz where you can take a tram to the city centre or onwards to historic La Laguna. I would particularly recommend the 325 service to Los Gigantes. This is an ordinary service bus but the journey is quite spectacular, a series of dramatic hairpin bends up to 1090 m (3600 ft) and then another series of bends down to Los Gigantes. There are some stunning views of Pico Teide on the way. The journey takes about 1h 40 min. You share your bus with local people going about their daily lives. You can buy rickets from the office at Puerto bus station or from the driver. You can also buy a card which you charge up with money and then use the card to pay your fare on the bus. The drivers, and the staff in the ticket office, are friendly and helpful are used to dealing with foreign visitors. We’ve had no issues with timing in Puerto – the buses seem to run to time, certainly for leaving but I think maybe in heavy traffic or if they have a lot of passengers getting on and off then perhaps they arrive a little late. If you have a smart phone then you can access all timetables, locate your nearest bus stop with departures from there, and for some bus-stops with a QR code, find out the next departures.

We were told about the excellent bus service on the Island so took a leap of faith and never regretted. Bus 111 from Tenerife South takes you to Los Cristianos and Adeje bus centres. From Adeje you can get to most places on the island and a very good price and even better with the discount card. Will always now use when holidaying here. Be brave and give it a try.

The bus services reach the entire island from the north to the south. Please check the TITSA website for that. But did you know that the capital of Tenerife and La Laguna is connected by tram?



Check out La Laguna with Tram Line 1 that is operated by Tranvia De Tenerife

If you like to visit a town on Tenerife that is not so popular but got enough to look at it. Then we recommend La Laguna which you can reach by taking the Tram Line 1 to La Trinidad station. From here there is a short walk.

Also, we have a very nice tip! If you take the bus from Puerto de la Cruz our super tip suggestion is to jump off the bus at Padre Anchieta station where you can start your tram journey either down to Santa Cruz de Tenerife or take it up to La Trinidad which lets you reach La Laguna.

The tram ticket prices in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is not expensive at all. You can use your Virtual Wallet ticket with the tram. But if you have plans to stay for a longer time in this city and want to have a tram ride. Then there is a very cheap ticket that is not transferable. It is valid on trams only!

Single Ticket ten+ ticket: 1.35 Euro

So with this guide. We hope that you get around on Tenerife without issues. It is a fantastic island that offers you travel options that won’t eat your wallet while traveling.

Enjoy Tenerife!