If you love platformers, then The Game is such a game for you. It is a totally new platformer for all Amiga machines. The Game is released for both Classic Amiga with AGA and you can also download ISO file for burning a CD-ROM for playing the game on CD32. This means that you should have Amiga computer with 68020 CPU or higher.

The game is for free and you can download it here for Classic Amiga with AGA or if you want it to play it on a Amiga made console, Download the ISO Version for Amiga CD32

A small look at The Game – a new Platformer on the Amiga

The Game Amiga Version

It seems as if with all the C64 and ZX Spectrum games that have appeared over the recent months by homebrew developers, we’d never see anything worth while on the highly regarded Amiga platform. But the indiegame time for Amiga seems to have changed. More titles comes for the platform.. and this time it is  a AMOS Pro game. It is developed and tested by Stefan Adolfsson and David Eriksson. David is especially interesting as his e-mail mentions Jay Miner. I guess that he likes Amiga a lot?…

They have now released a AMOS Pro made titled as ‘The Game’  and heavily inspired by You Have to Win the Game. This is a pretty decent arcade platformer that is currently at version 0.9 and may or may not see any further development. At least it saw an Amiga release!

The Game gameplay

In ‘The Game’ you play as a little green man, who must go around the map, jumping on platforms, avoiding baddies and traps, while collecting stars and special power ups such as Boots of Speed. Although the developer has stated it’s inspiration by another game, I felt it was very much like Jet Set Willy, with many of the enemies having an up down or side to side path that must be time jumped or run under or it’s instant death.


The Game Comments

At this stage of release, ‘The Game’ is a very enjoyable created game that is pure homebrew made. The graphics for this Amiga platform game is very well done, with easy controls and challenging game play. It also has a lovely soundtrack, that changes upon your location, above ground or under. As such it’s really nice to see that the Amiga is finally getting some worthy titles that gamers of all ages can pick up and play.


The downside is that there is no in game sound effects for jumping etc.

What kind of Amiga can handle The Game

The developer has stated that it does run a bit slow on a 68000 machine, and has tried to keep the system requirements as low as possible since he wanted The Game to run on a basic A500. With some CPU and MEM addon for A500 it will run better for sure. Same goes for Amiga 600, Amiga 1000 and Amiga 2000. They also need to have some sort of Upgrades. 68020 or higher is recommended!

The Game is available to download for free as an Amiga hard drive package or an ISO for your Amiga CD32