Many people demonstrating

With Erna Solberg (Prime Minister of Norway), Trond Giske and Fabian Stang (Oslo Mayor) coming supporting the demonstration, the little Faten Mahdi Al- Husseini showed the world how to react against extremism with her strong voice in any sort of religions. There was all sorts of people standing and shouting words against ISIS and their extremism. I were standing near tourists from USA, Canada and even France which participated once they understood what this demonstration was all about.

Lot’s of people
The speakers talked to thousands of people with all sorts of skin color and religion, that met up in front of Stortinget. Distrita was there to feel peoples words against extremism got higher and higher. I also managed to take some pictures of the demonstration. We all had both sun and rain coming from the sky, but when the demonstrators came, then the sun actually came out. It was pretty amazing and sort of a magic feeling also.

Media Coverage
When looking around me. I saw lots of people with cameras. Who were journalist or not was a bit difficult to see, but once I moved my camera up I saw many. I think that they were from International media. Many speaking Arabic, which means that this demonstration seems to have been very important for International media also. Very interesting if our little nation called Norway, can have a bigger impact on Muslims all over the world would give any effect. At least we have shown together that we all are against violence.

International Media is here

So, now everyone in the Distrita team hopes that we all can respect each other, no matter who we are. We are all humans and violence is not the answer. We should have all been in space and on Mars exploring the Universe by now if we followed all of the historic programs that went on Discovery Channel in early 1990’s. Instead we use our time to fight “again”. Not against Nazism, but against extremism which is as bad as Nazism were during World War II. Why do we allow people to torture each other because the other one doesn’t play for their Football (religion) team. Why can’t we stop this now? If we all cared about this. Everyone would have a life with more quality and understanding. Why can’t we all support each other. Take that extra step to be good to anyone. Tell the bad guy to stop if she or he is seen to become extremist.  and

Respect Must be Learned
Here it is obvious that parents have a really important thing to do. They know who their kids is hanging out with. They should not judge people before see their child’s friend,.. But do not be afraid teaching what is positive or what is negative thinking. With this, I am certain that by the time child becomes teenager. She or he have lots of information that they can rely on when they are adults. Every person on this planet have got education from our parents or from our teachers at school. The whole society needs to look at what do you do? Is it right or is it wrong? What can we do to make it better for our children’s future?


Here is all of my images taken on Monday 25th of August 2014, when people gathered to say what they think about killing innocent people in Iraq and Syria: