Georgian cuisine is arguably one of the underrated ones in the world. Alexander Pushkin, a Russian poet from the 19th century stated “Every Georgian dish is a poem” and honestly, there would not be any other better way of describing Georgian cuisine.

best dishes of Georgian Cusine
Top 10 delicious dishes of Georgian Cuisine

Our country was ruled by Greeks, Iranians, Romans, Mongolians, Byzantines, Ottomans and Russians over the years and the history is reflected on our cuisine too- all of them brought their ingredients to Georgia and Georgians managed to incorporate these new ingredients to create an identity for local cuisine. Whenever you eat Georgian food it does not remind you of anything but Georgia itself.

The Georgian Cuisine is unique

Food is the great unifier that connects people across cultures and generations. The difference between food cultures around the world is influenced by many factors: history of a country, geographic location etc.

No matter which country you visit, you are always looking for your new favorite food and in my opinion, trying local cuisine is one of the best ways of learning about the new culture.

In today’s article I want to talk about the Top 10 Dishes Of Georgian Cuisine that you must try when visiting our beautiful country.

#1 Khinkali

Khinkali is originated from the mountainous regions of Georgia.

If I did not start this list by naming its majesty- Khinkali, I think I would upset Georgians, including myself.


Khinkali- Georgian dumplings are considered to be one of the best national dishes of our country; They are filled with meat that is mixed with local spices and one of the fascinating things about them would be traditionally twisted knot at the top.

Great thing is, Khinkali can be eaten by vegetarians too as potatoes, mushrooms or cheese can be used instead of meat.

Defining feature of the dish is delicious meat juice inside. Remember: you have to eat Khinkali with your hands and try not to spill any juice on the plate. Trust us, your experience of eating the dish is going to be more than amazing.


Khinkali definitely is one of the best dishes of Georgian cuisine.

“No supra is complete without a platter of steaming khinkali being served toward the end of the meal”.

 Carla Capalbo, author of Tasting Georgia, talks about khinkali to the blog Food and wine, where you also find the complete khinkali recipe.

#2 Satsivi

Satsivi usually is served as a main dish.

Satsivi- A thick nut paste with chicken or turkey is one of the main attributes of New Year’s feast in Georgia. If you asked me, Satsivi, made from poultry, walnuts and piquant Georgian spices, could make even royal dinner better.

Satsivi in the Caucasus is similar with its texture to the nut paste sauces to the south, such as hummus, but with its texture, it does not taste like anything but Satsivi.

Chicken Satsivi is an incredible dish for hot and sticky summer nights that will satisfy your craving for comfort food but will not leave you feeling stuffed and heavy.

This chicken in garlic walnut sauce is a fresh way to enjoy chicken! 

Find the complete satsivi recipe on

#3 Khachapuri

Adjarian Khachapuri. The shape of the dough resembles a boat while the egg yolk symbolizes sun setting in the sea.

Khachapuri is my personal favorite- pastry filled with cheese that has different versions from region to region.

My advice would be trying Adjarian Khachapuri first- pastry shaped as a boat is filled with Georgian cheese and has a raw egg on top- just looking at it will make you drool.


Another common versions are Imeretian Khachapuri- shaped and sliced as a pizza and Megrelian Khachapuri shaped into a circular form and topped with melted cheese.

Imeretian Khachapuri

I am sure whenever you return to your country you will be craving Khachapuri, an amazing dish of Georgian cuisine, more than anything.

Khachapuri, this delicious Eastern European bread is great for breakfast or as a party snack!

You’ll want to dive face-first into this swimming pool made of bread and cheese.

Find the entire khachapuri recipe on Tastemade.

#4 Kharcho

The soup is usually served with finely chopped fresh coriander.

Kharcho is a traditional Beef soup and because of its amazing taste, it is well known outside of Georgia too.

The soup is traditionally made of beef chuck or brisket, added extremely delicious spice mix and traditional sour plum sauce- Tkemali on top of that. This soup is the perfect choice to warm your body up on a cold winter’s day.

The beef in the kharcho is fall-apart tender and just melts in your mouth – delicious! 

The kharco soup is exceptionally delicious and has a characteristic rich flavor thanks to the spice mix that goes in it.

Find the entire kharco recipe on

#5 Lobiani

The word “Lobiani” comes from the Georgian word for beans which is “Lobio”.

Lobiani -Traditionally eaten on St. Barbara’s day is a popular Georgian bread filled with mashed kidney beans that are flavored with onions and Georgian spices.


In Racha- region of Georgia Lobiani is usually baked with ham inside of it- to enhance its already unique taste.  Vegetarians as well as vegans can enjoy delicious Lobiani that holds honorable place in Georgian cuisine.

Lobiani is enjoyed all year round and especially eaten on the Georgian holiday of Barbaroba, or St. Barbara’s Day (December 17).
Find the complete lobiani recipe on

#6 Nigvziani Badrijani (Eggplant with Walnuts)

The eggplant has a long history in Georgian cuisine.

Georgia is home to delicious fruits, vegetables and varieties of nuts and our cuisine includes them wisely very often.

One of the great example is Nigvziani Badrijani or Eggplant with walnut, to be more understandable. It might sound weird but trust me, this is the best eggplant that you will ever taste in your lifetime- Fried eggplant is stuffed with spiced walnut mix and topped with pomegranate seeds.

The dish is usually served as an appetizer and can be ordered anywhere- that speaks a lot about its place in Georgian cuisine.

The one-two punch of garlic and salt melts into the subtle creaminess of eggplant in these addictive little morsels, which can be found on nearly every Georgian restaurant menu.

The eggplant has a long history in Georgian cuisine. Many dishes are made with this vegetable; however eggplant with walnuts is considered the king of Georgian cold dishes.

Find the complete Nigvziani Badrijani recipe on Georgian Journal.

#7 Elarji

A true masterpiece of Megrelian cuisine, Elarji only takes two ingredients to make – cornmeal and cheese.

Elarji is a famous dish from Samegrelo region and is made from cornflour, cornmeal and Sulguni – traditional Georgian cheese.

This dish is a heaven for cheese lovers.

Ingredients might sound simple but cooking is not easy at all- It consists of cooking for an hour with special technique and steering occasionally. This work definitely pays off as stretching cheese with crunchy cornmeal melts in the mouth.

This very cheesy cornmeal pudding, made here with grits, is a perfect accompaniment to Georgian Pork Stew.

Elarji is a popular dish from Samegrelo region, made from coarse cornmeal, cornflour and Sulguni cheese.

Find the complete step to step guide for the Elarji recipe on Georgiaabout.

#8 Soko Ketsze

Ketsi – Georgian clay and stone pan. Georgian ethnographic museums will tell a lot about Ketsi.

Soko Ketsze or Mushrooms on a clay pot is a culinary masterpiece of Georgian cuisine without a doubt.

The mushrooms are baked and served in a special dish- Ketsi that is hand-made out of clay. Most of the times mushrooms are filled with butter and Georgian Sulguni cheese that is stretchy and  gooey.

Here is one of my favorite quick and easy Soko Ketze Recipe, best recipe of this kind and enjoy cooking: Soko ketsze recipe.

#9 Achma

Achma is a kind of cheese lasagna found in the Adjara and Abkhazia regions, where the crisp top crust contrasts with the tender cheesy layers.

Achma is a type of Khachapuri but I feel the need of describing it, as it does not have the same texture, shape or taste.

Achma is originated from the Western Georgia- Adjara region and is a dish consisting of a few layers of tender dough, lots of cheese in between and a crispy top.

Achma could be compared to the famous Italian dish- Lasagna as they both have layered sheets of dough, but trust me, they do not taste the same.

You have to taste Achma if you are a cheese lover.

Find the entire achma recipe on

#10 Mchadi and Cheese

Mchadi has one of the simplest recipes in Georgian cuisine.

Mchadi and cheese is the most iconic duo that one can ever name.

Mchadi is a cornbread that would be served as an appetizer or a side and besides cheese, it is traditionally eaten with Lobio- beans made with Georgian spices. Warm Mchadi and cheese will warm your soul and body.

Find the entire mchadi recipe on

Want to discover the Georgian cuisine?

Hopefully you have enjoyed this reading! I invite you to try out some delicious and local specialties. These are my best 10 dishes of Georgian cuisine:

  • Khinkali
  • Satsivi
  • Khachapuri
  • Kharcho
  • Lobiani
  • Nigvziani Badrijani
  • Elarji
  • Soko Ketsze
  • Achma
  • Mchadi and Cheese

With the help of the videos, you can even prepare them at home! Which one is you favorite?

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