Best Supermarkets in Tbilisi or in any foreign city can be really hard to find, but it is important to know where to go for a grocery shopping; It is fun and easy going to the restaurants and just ordering prepared meals, but it can be really pricey sometimes and also, there are people who just enjoy preparing their own meals; To achieve that, they need to get the best quality products in the cheapest prices possible.

5 best supermarkets in Tbilisi
5 best supermarkets in Tbilisi

Finding best supermarkets in Tbilisi can be challenging: As the number of supermarkets in the city grows, it is getting harder than ever to know which ones have the best quality food or the best deals price-wise.

In today’s article I am going to talk about 5 Best Supermarkets in Tbilisi, which I think will help tourists to have a pleasant experience.


Carrefour, Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi
MAF Carrefour started operation in Georgia with its first Hypermarket at Tbilisi Mall in September 2013.

Carrefour – a French hypermarket chain that opened in Georgia in 2012 is one of the leaders when it comes to locals favorites. If you are looking for the highest quality in the lowest prices, then Carrefour is for you.

One thing that differs supermarket from any other is that its offers not only last for short amount of time, for example, during national holidays, but their prices are on a discount daily! There is a huge range of products that are always checked carefully before placing them on the counters.

Carrefour, Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi
 Hypermarket Carrefour’s goal is to provide customers with wide assortment of products at affordable price. 

Personally I like going to the East Point Carrefour, as a branch store located there is the largest, which equals to more options and I live for it!

Even though Carrefour is a multinational brand, you can feel Georgia anywhere in the supermarket- the counters are filled with natural Georgian products.


My tip would be going for the local products- they are always fresh, high in quality and low in price.

Carrefour definitely deserves being in the list of the 5 best supermarkets in Tbilisi.

Check out Carrefour’s website where you also can sign up for MyClub. There is an English version of the website as well.


Smart, Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi
Smart Supermarket is a great grocery store with already many buildings across Georgia and is one of the leading supermarkets in the country.

The history of development started in 2010 by opening the first supermarket at Wissol gas station after years of research and taking experts recommendations into account.  Supermarkets are located in every part of Tbilisi: in the suburbs as well as in the center of the city which makes Smart even more accessible.


More than 25000 high quality local or European products are available in this supermarket chain, which makes it even harder not to like this store.

Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi Georgia
You can find very popular brands as well as Georgian products.

I love going to Smart not only for its products but for their amazing cafe as well- they bake 500 different pastries, cakes and even Georgian food that are more than delicious , fresh and most importantly, very cheap too. If you do not feel like cooking or baking, you can pick up some mouth-watering goods from the Smart café.

SMART is the only supermarket in Georgia that has its microbiological laboratory as their priority is to supply their shops with the healthiest products. For a customer, who wants to get the safest goods, Smart has to be one of the best supermarkets in Tbilisi.

Best Supermarkets In Georgia
Tasteful coffee from Smart cafe. Visit Smart supermarket’s website.

Ori Nabiji

Ori Nabiji, Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi
“Ori Nabiji” means “two steps” in Georgian.

Supermarket was opened on 22nd March of 2010 and is the first company of retail market, that began operating in the format of a district shop.  

“Ori Nabiji” means “two steps” in Georgian and this name is not random: Between the customer and the supermarket there literally are two steps as the stores are located in every corner of Tbilisi.


This supermarket chain does not offer as many products as Carrefour or Smart do, but their superiority is in accessibility-as you can just walk to the store.

Whenever I need a quick trip to a grocery store “Ori Nabiji” is always my choice: Their prices and quality of products always meet my standards, and let me tell you, I am very picky when it comes to the products I prepare my meals from.

“Ori Nabiji” has everything you would want from your district shop- therefore it definitely is one of the best supermarkets in Tbilisi.

Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi
You can find Ori Nabiji store anywhere you go. Visit Ori Nabiji Supermarket’s website


Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi
The company was actively developing over the years and today it is one of the most numerous networks in Georgia.

“Nikora” entered the market in 2000 and is the most numerous network in Georgia as it owns 242 stores, 191 of which are located in Tbilisi.

As they say, their main purpose is to always develop, grow, control their quality and stay true to their customers. I would say that they have reached their goals as their supermarket chain is the largest in Georgia and number of employees exceed 5000, which is impressive.

Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi
Your delicious choice.

I like going to “Nikora” because they have their own products that you might not be able to find elsewhere and similar to “Ori Nabiji”, they are located in every corner of Tbilisi which makes it very accessible for everyone, distance-wise as well as price-wise.

With its quality “Nikora” is undoubtedly one of the best supermarkets in Tbilisi.

Nikora. Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi
Fresh fruits and vegetables are always available in Nikora. Visit Nikora’s website.


Fresco, Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi
Supermarkets are located in 8 districts of Tbilisi. Visit Fresco supermarket’s website.

Chain of supermarkets Fresco is represented on the Georgian market since 2012 and owns 8 supermarkets. They offer comfortable environment and high-quality service for 24 hours.

I would say that their advantage is in a huge range of products accompanied with low prices. You can buy local products as well as imported goods from Europe, but I would highly recommend always leaning towards local, as much as they are fresher and cheaper.

Fresco(fresko) is a Greek word and means fresh, healthy in English; This is exactly the policy of supermarket chain.

Everyone would agree that prices are very important when it comes to grocery shopping: Fresco is the only supermarket chain in Georgia that offers the same prices in every branch store, which makes it one of the best supermarkets in Tbilisi. To be honest, I think that every brand should pick this “characteristic” up.

Best Supermarkets In Tbilisi
You should expect the freshest products when visiting Fresco.

Conclusion – best supermarkets in Tbilisi, Georgia

These are the 5 best supermarkets in Tbilisi that you should visit for your grocery shopping:

  • Carrefour
  • Ori Nabiji
  • Nikora
  • Fresco

Hopefully, you will find whatever you are looking for at the best price. Remember, that these stores are highly recommended by locals!

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