Seaside resorts in Adjara are not few and sea tourism is very popular in Georgia. Subtropical climate, warm sea, well-equipped seashores, merge of the sea and mountains- all of these create unique environment for a great vacation.

best seaside resorts in adjara
Best sea side resorts in Georgia

The coastline stretches at 21 km and water temperature fluctuates around +21-29 degrees in Celsius.

The seaside resorts in Adjara are Kobuleti, Tsikhisdziri, Chakvi, Mtsvane Kontskhi, Batumi, Gonio, Kvariati and Sarpi beaches. These places will leave unexplained amount of amazement on the visitor. Coastline is surrounded with pinewoods where you can nestle down on a hot summer day, seashores are covered in rocks whose shapes were formed by the sea for centuries, modern infrastructure of boulevard and a wide choice of entertainment- all of these create the perfect environment for anyone seeking for an amazing vacation.

In today’s article I want to talk about the 5 best seaside resorts in Adjara, that are also the least known to the tourists.

Mtsvane Kontskhi

Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape) is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Georgia.

One of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Adjara has to be Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape), that is located 9 km outside of Batumi, at an elevation of 70-92 m.

If you are a sea lover this place is for you because Mtsvane Kontskhi is ideal not only for sunbathing and swimming, but for diving as well. Very nice and affordable hotels, guest houses, restaurants and cafe-bars are offered in the resort.

Batumi Botanical Garden is located within Mtsvane Konskhi’s mesmerizing beauty too: thousands of visitors go to the garden every year due to its amazing beauty. Besides breath-taking nature you can explore many more interesting stuff, like abandoned, rusty rope way harmoniously merged with the mother nature that once used to connect Mtsvane Konstkhi railway to the Batumi botanical garden in a matter of minutes.

Abandoned rope-way in Mtsvane Kontskhi.

If you are looking for affordable and amazing vacation than Mtsvane Konstkhi- One of the best seaside resorts in Adjara is waiting for you!

Learn more about Batumi Botanical Garden located in Mtsvane Kontskhi.


Kvariati is situated on the eastern coast of the Black Sea.

Kvariati is located near to the Georgia-Turkey border, 15 km outside of Batumi. Tourists love visiting this resort as it has beautiful nature, warm, transparent water and the calm gulf surrounded with the mountains. As most of the seaside resorts in Adjara, Kvariati offers high quality hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes too.

Kvariati is inhabited by the Laz subgroup of Georgians.

One of the most unique thing about the resort is its diving-center, where you can rent needed equipment for diving and go for the most mesmerizing experience ever!


As an amateur-diver it is my dream to visit Kvariati some day and use their professional knowledge to get the most out of my vacation.

I would highly recommend visit Kvariati- one of the best seaside resorts in Adjara!


Kobuleti is my personal favorite when it comes to seaside resorts in Adjara, that is well-known for its hospitality, ionized sea air and mild subtropical climate that all together have a beneficial effect on the body and soul.

As it is known, Kobuleti gained popularity after the Russian Emperor Alexander II built up a luxurious house in the resort, where he spent the summer holidays with his family.

In summer, the average temperature is 26-30 degrees, which makes swimming amazing as you can cool down on a hot summer day. Between the seashore and the settlement there are pine and cedar groves that create unique climate, which is the perfect natural treatment  for people with cardiovascular diseases.


Kobuleti offers restaurants, clubs, bars and cafes where you can taste amazing Georgian cuisine.

I would highly recommend going to the amusement park “Tsitsinatela”(Firefly) where you can get in 30 mins from the town. In the park you will be able to ride on roller-coasters, extreme attractions, Ferris wheel and many others- there is something for everyone. You can also get snacks and just have fun for very cheap price.

Kobuleti definitely is one of the most important seaside resorts in Adjara.

Learn more about Kobuleti.


Sarpi is a border village on the coast of the Black Sea, on the border between Turkey and Georgia.

Sarpi is located 18 km south of Batumi, near the Georgia-Turkey border. The resort is the most popular for those who love swimming, clear water and beautiful sunsets.

In Sarpi the water is the most transparent among all the resorts in Adjara and the underwater world is mesmerizing. I love diving and this beautifully transparent water takes me to another level of delectation- I can see everything so clearly with my eyes as if I was wearing goggles.


For me, the most favorite thing about Sarpi has to be its cliffs where you can jump from in the water- I love extreme and trust me, after each visit in Sarpi I leave with full of emotions of how  being there makes me feel – that pleasant feeling of being tired from happiness!

Learn more about Sarpi

Hotels and guest houses located in Sarpi are super close to the beach. Besides having fun at the seashore you can also visit the Laz Ethnographic Museum and the historic church of St. Andrew.

Without a doubt, Sarpi is one of the best seaside resorts in Adjara!


When talking about seaside resorts in Adjara I have to say few words about Tsikhisdziri.

Resort Tsikhisdziri is located 17 km north of Batumi, 60-90 meters above sea level. Tsikhisdziri is unique with its climate as it is created by the merge of the sea and the mountain air.

In summers it is cooler and in winters it is much warmer than Batumi and Makhinjauri. The territory of Tsikhisdziri was populated from the ancient era. It is historic fortified city for its advantageous naval and economical location. On this territory in VI century, Justinian I- an emperor of the Eastern Roman, built up a city called Petra. A narrow coastal road passed through the city was connecting Georgia to Byzantium, Iran and Armenia.

Petra Fortress

Tsikhidziri is surrounded with green slopes and offers very nice guest houses, restaurants, cafe-bars, hotels and well-equipped beach. One of the luxurious hotels in Tsikhisdziri is Castello Mare, where you can live the time of your life.

With all of these it would be unfair if I did not put Tsikhisdziri in this list of the best seaside resorts in Adjara.

Castello Mare Hotel In Tsikhisdziri

These are the best and the least known seaside resorts in Adjara (Georgia)! Which one is your favorite? If you liked this article, you might as well enjoy other Georgia-related articles:

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