You walk to your local computer store. You order for example a game recording gadget that says it can grabb any game from any computer or console, but when you get home you get frustrated as this gadget won’t work as you wanted, because this new gadget got the newest HDMI standard. The box even describes that this gadget should work fine with S-Video, so that recording from older devices would work. But nothing works! The same goes for anything that you want to buy today for your older computer or gaming console.

Technology manufactures overrides environment in Every possible way they can!

For the most today. The technology today is going against any previous standards which is a serious racism issue within the technology market. Distrita have tried several of game grabbing devices and the result is the very same. Some of these manufactures have earlier made great TV cards or gadgets with VGA analogue video signal support. They work perfectly, but the newest ones doesn’t! Why? Do these technology manufacturers really think that, because 70% uses the newest technology, that the rest will? The poor people and those who really understands technology and environment will not upgrade so easily. There also many people collecting computers and consoles which think the same. It’s really your choice of what you want to use, but the manufactures shouldn’t force people to throw out good technology which actually works. Several of the older computers can still be used today, but manufactures tries to make you buy their newest computer or gadget and throw out your old.

Newest HDMI TV’s can’t show VGA or other Resolutions

When I connect my Amiga 1200 with DVI-HDMI connector (Indivision AGA mk2 extension) to a HDMI LCD-TV from 2008. The original PAL picture of 720×576 is shown perfectly clear on the screen, but it also shows AmigaOS in 1280×720 on it. However! When connecting the same machine to a HDMI LED-TV from 2015, then the PAL screenmode is shown only for few seconds and then is gone, while the 1280×720 screenmode that my Amiga 1200 produces isn’t showing at all. There is simply no way to getting the TV from 2015 to show any of my Amiga resolutions correct. The same goes for SNES, NES and even SEGA Dreamcast. I am just lucky that Playstation 3 actually manages to give my TV correct TV resolutions. What have happened? Is the newest HDMI standard being racist towards older consoles and computers? Is the newest HDMI ignoring analogue signals maybe?

Kill all Radio FM devices Propaganda in Norway

Here in Norway, the government even have decided that the Radio FM signals will be turned of soon, so that the digital DAB radio devices will be the only radio devices being able to receiving Norwegian radio channels. This means that all of the FM radio devices in all of the “older” cars, older radios in the kitchen and other Hi-Fi sound systems without DAB support will be useless. Which will lead to a disaster for the environment as thousands of Norwegians will just trash their older devices that have no DAB support, because they are forced to get new radio devices with DAB support. And this will result in quite heavy electronic garbage everywhere, because citizens can’t sell these devices as the government and our national TV and Radio company NRK wants to close FM signals totally.

Apple is The worst in Technology Racism, with Google also becoming responsible

From May 3rd, oldest iPad’s will miss YouTube support, because Google have decided that old devices will no longer be supported. Google then says that they support of millions of iPad 1 and iPad 2 users to throw out their tablets and buy new ones? However! Apple comes out with new devices all the time, but after a time they stop supporting their older devices. This leads to gadgets, computers and mobiles becoming waste many places. I can understand this movements from a company perspective, but from a user perspective this is quite big racism for those having an older device vs those having a newer device. It doesn’t lead to anything good.

You can use older gadgets, computers and consoles Today

If more people goes on-line and tells that technology racism is a reality, then the politicians might wake up from their daydream. You can still use your older technology, but you need to put the big giants like Apple and Google to think of what they are doing to our environment. You can still use your old PowerPC Mac’s for example, even though Apple have lost their interest or will to help those users. MorphOS and Linux gives them new life. You can also use your Dual Core MacBooks which Apple released at their start of Intel support. Apple have rejected them already also, so you need a newer MacBook to run Yosemite OSX. Why Apple? I understand the economics behind this decision, but its not environmental friendly at all. The difference between the first MacBooks for Intel and today’s ones aren’t that big, but still Apple rejects them.

Microsoft, Linux, MorphOS and AmigaOS keeps you’re devices Running

Microsoft which is one of the most known IT-giants in the world, is actually good at something. Windows is actually running on any PC that meets its standards. Their newest release, Windows 10 is going to require even less power which is a great step in right direction. Linux is open source and is already known to run on older computers. For beginners, look at Ubuntu Linux. On the PowerPC side, the two nextgen AmigaOS compatible operating systems got a commercial market. Especially MorphOS, which have got quite good PowerPC Mac support.



When will the technology racism stop? When will manufactures actually support older technologies so that users won’t feel betrayed when they goto a computer or electronic store. Why can’t manufactures support all types of connectors that they know that people actually use instead of forcing people to buy and throw policy?

Can we stop this together? Not everyone in this world are so rich that they can upgrade all the time. Let users have choices and don’t throw out customers that uses something different than whats hot today. Really.