Crimean Tatar TV Channel ATR was taken off the air Wednesday, after Russian authorities refused to give channel license. Is this start of a new conflict on Crimean Peninsula?

Also a channel for children and two radio stations belonging to the Crimean Tartars radio station ATR, is taken off the air.

ATR also have got Police raid Earlier

Including this shut down, ATR TV channel has also experienced police raids in their offices. The channel’s deputy Lilja Budzhurova says that over 200 employees refuse to give up. “- This is not the end. If anyone thinks they can kill the channel, then they are wrong, says Budzhurova, who also works with the French news agency AFP.”

Many ethnic Tatars are against Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula. They constitute about 15 percent of the population of the peninsula. The Tatars were deported from Crimea during World War 2 and was able to return early 1990s. After Russia took Crimea in March 2014, Tatar activists have been arrested and accused of extremism.

This news have upset Ukraine and the leaders in Kiev. Saying. “- You can shut down the channel, but you can not stop the Crimean Tatar desire for freedom and truth! writes Porosjenko on Twitter Wednesday.”

European Union, EU is taking this seriously also. EU even goes as far as saying that the TV channel should come back!

– We ask that ATR immediately get started up again, and that the fundamental rights of citizens on the Crimean peninsula are respected, according to a statement from the EU.

Distrita hopes for peace and stability around Crimean. Officially Crimea is still within Ukraine, but Russia have made their rules change European political minds. To all respect, Distrita loves Russia and its in our deepest interest to see a healthy Russia. To shut down media like this is giving Russia reputation which the country doesn’t deserve.