One of world’s most modern tram fleet just started to run in the southern part of France. The very first part of the T2 tram of Nice, France is now in service since 30th of June 2018. On Saturday, people could jump on a tram between the administrative center and Magnan. People in this French town Nice then could finally try and see one of world’s most innovative tram fleets in the world.

Saturday 30th of June 2018 T2 Tram Line opened in Nice

Exactly at 11.00 (11am) during Saturday, the very first tram wagon arrives at Magnan Place on this shiny day in southern France. A brand new tram train that is now running the very first part of Line 2 in Niece. When this line is done, T2 Tram Line will run thru the whole city center of Nice in a tram tunnel beneath the city, with several underground stations. Line 2 will be reaching Grosso, Alsace Lorraine (underground), Jean Médicin (underground), Durandy (underground), Garibaldi (underground) and finally Port de Nice. The line will meet Line 1 at Jean Médicin (underground) and Garibaldi (underground) stations.

Only a small portion of Line 2 is now opened. 11 out of total 17 stations is now in operation. 7 kilometers between the administrative center (CADAM) and Magnan Square is operative. Line 2 is still not reaching Line 1, so our best suggestion is to take the regular train from Nice main station to St-Augustin where you reach Line 2.

At the controls for this very first maiden ride, a woman, Aïda Daikhi brought Line 2 into full operation as seen on the video above.

The tram trains has a superb design that fits the design of Nice, France

These superb designed trams is designed by Marseille Ora-ïto. They are also responsible for the design of stations. He is also not afraid of words saying “it’s nothing less than the most beautiful tramway in the world”.

It is the most technological tramway. There is 50% more glass area. All the energy that comes to recharge in the stations. A great simplicity to make it as timeless as possible. – France 3

 Light Rail Map Tram Route in Nice, France

T2 Tram Line in Nice
photosource: Distrita Graphics – Map of Tram line T2 route between Cadam and Magnan

Until September the line is Free to ride, with a train every 15 minutes.

A nice gift to the citizens and people moving around in the town from Tramway de Nice is free rides with the trams on T2 Line until early part of September, France 3 reports. So, no tram tickets needs to be bought for this line until then. Next opening that is planned will be happening in December this year. At that time, the section between light rail station at Nice Côte d’Azur airport and Magnan will open. This will for sure make it easier getting around in Nice from the airport. Then in June 2019, Line 2 will reach Jean-Médecin where T2 Tram Line will meet T1 Tram Line! In September 2019, T2 will reach Port de Nice.


Nice is a really beautifully French town in France, that we think is doing correct thinking when it comes to improving their public transport availability in the area of it. It is fantastic to see a town in the world thinking correct regarding how to build and expand public transportation.

Instead of building a metro that is expensive. A tram that goes underground, is also a very good and much cheaper alternative to be built. They are also as effective too as any Metro systems built. Also, trams can be expanded easier around the town, with express lines using underground sections. In this way, the city public transport is so much more capable of solving traffic and weather issues later on too.

Building light rail and tram networks that goes underground is vital. They also bring positive vibe to the city center. So, don’t remove them from the city streets at all. The trick is simply to use correct amount of money on construction and to construct the system correctly from the beginning. Then your town is able to have funds for giving people a great public transportation network system that is great with much less complications.


From us, we send the politicians of Nice a huge Congratulations from Distrita. It is so Fantastic to see new transit options been built and especially in the way that T2 tram line in Nice is built too. It will be interesting visiting Nice, when the line is completed in September 2019!

For further information, do check out Lignes Dazur which is the company responsible for public transportation in Nice area. You can also check out this site with extensive information about the Nice tram network too.


Source: france 3 on youtube,, tramway de nice, lignes dazur