Snowy Winter in Oslo is Finally OverIn the last 20 years. The winter here up north in Oslo, Norway have been not so good, except for a few weeks at a time in previous winters. This winter, however, is quite different. It’s actually the coldest and snowiest winter in years.

Over 3 months with Snow in the Norwegian capital

Since the end of November 2017, until the first weeks of April 2018. Oslo, the capital of Norway had really cold weather in this winter which included snowy and icy weather from the beginning until the end.

Except for a few days around Christmas time. This winter has been the most normal winter in Oslo, Norway for many years. Especially in January and February, there was tons of snow. Over 50cm with snow many places.

Also in March this year, we had tons of snow falling from the sky even more. March was also way colder than in March 2017 when Oslo had 20C even at the end of March. This year, however, 50cm snow and icy cold weather on the very same day.

Still, we are on the 17th of April and none of the trees have started to get leaves. Still, there is tons of snow in the woods also melting. Finally, springtime is here.

Norwegians just love Springtime as seen below here

Warmer weather Finally reached the capital of Norway

The last two weeks has finally given way better temperatures for us living here, and also way more sunlight!


Last week, Oslo had temps above 18C even. So now, the snow in the capital is finally melting. But, in the forest and the mountains that circle around Oslo. There’s still lots of snow that are many cms deep still.

Finally biking Weather in Oslo, Norway

No more ski walking on the ice! Now, I can finally bike around now with temps that have reached above 2C and the wind is now much milder too. I must admit that I just don’t enjoy biking when it is too cold. But many Norwegians loves to bike when there is even heavy snow. Either they use winter tires or thick big boy tires that can handle icy roads well.

Well! Now its spring! Make most of it.


Here are some more spring made photos

[foogallery id=”27529″]

I have gathered all the pictures from the start of April until now so you can see how much snow it was at the beginning of April. We welcome Mr. Winter back in autumn, but for now, warmer weather is heating up.



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