Snow prediction in Oslo
Snow prediction in Oslo by Accuweather

People love to talk about weather and temperatures in most part of the world. All ages likes to talk about it, and so do weather forecast websites.  On Accuweather website, they have included Monthly weather forecast for their forecasts since this spring. It is really interesting to see that they know how the weather forecast will be around 1st of December here in Oslo.

Accuweather knows our  weather future
As of now, the info about when Oslo will get its first snow, is now forecasted to fall on 1st of December. The day will have a maximum temperature of 0C and Snow icon is shown clearly on their November Monthly forecast in Oslo.

But if you think that Accuweather stops their Monthly weather forecast in November… check again! They have even data for how the weather might be on 31st of December. Now that is more than 2 months ahead. I bet they have computers in the future, or maybe their calculations are from the future? It will be really interesting to see if Accuweather forecast predicts right about 1st of December. If so, wow…!

Snow seen in Oslo last weekend
I also found the first evidence of snow in Oslo, Norway yesterday. Sorry for the blurry picture on one of them. They are taken in a hurry on a trip around Østensjøvannet. A small lake on the eastern side o Oslo.

First snow in Oslo found on a walking trip around Østensjøvannet lake
First snow in Oslo
First snow in Oslo beside ice skating hall at Manglerud
First snow in Oslo

Snow joke Revealed
Well! The snow is made while making ice for an indoor skating hall. The snow was outside, so I had fun taking a photo of it. However, the temperature in Oslo is now getting pretty low during the night. Right now at 00.07 it is 2.6C outside. So I suppose that I will see ice tomorrow morning before it melts when the sun comes up.

Happy October to all Distrita readers!