What a start of 2017! Slarti brings subtitling video ediditng capabilities to MorphOS. With this program, you add and can modify video subtitle files for films.

Modifying video in an GUI friendly Enviroment
This program was created to help making or modifying video subtitles.
A subtitle file is contains the timing information of each text line which
the video player can display while plays the movie. While the subtitle
file is a simple text file, editing it manually can be very complicated.
This is where Slarti comes and help you.

Slarti has the following features

  • Embedded video player
  • Real time linked subtitle and video
  • Rich editing modes
  • Save and load workspace
  • Create .srt format subtitle file
  •  Transcription import
  •  Adjust whole subtitle file to the video
  •  Friendly user interface with keyboard shortcuts

For more information and versions for other platforms look the official site:
Slarti Official Website

Slarti is also out for AmigaOS 4. There seems to be versions of it for AmigaOS 3.x, AROS, Windows, MacOSX and Linux. Very interesting strategy.


Idea, coding: Lazi (lazi at
Video, GUI plugins: Andreas Falkenhahn
Icon and title gfx: DH1 (Viktor Soponyai)
Example video is Amiga Tribute by Eric Schwartz (

Viva Amiga subtitling in Slarti for AmigaOS 4.x

This free release was supported by generous donators. Thanks to them!

Long live the Amiga Spirit! And you can get it Directly from Aminet for Free!
Get Slarti Video Subtitling Software on Aminet Here for MorphOS 


For AmigaOS 4.x version, please visit their website Here