If you are around 30 now and living in Europe, then you should know everything about Sky Channel. A tv channel that was entertaining and reaching out to millions of homes in Europe. They united Europe before Rupert Murdoch bought it and turned it to a TV channel saying goodbye to all countries outside of Great Britain and Irland from February 5th 1989 to 1st of September 1993.

Sky Channel had entertainment for everyone in Europe with the most known programs like Fun Factory in the weekends, DJ Kat Show in weekdays and Sky Trax which gave musicvideos to Europe before MTV entered Europe. They had programs from Amsterdam in Netherlands and got quite big audience by teenagers in the late 1980’s. When Rupert Murdoch took over, he continued with the most popular programs on Sky Channel which he renamed to Sky One only to turn of Sky completely for whole Europe by September 1993.

So Sky Channel was a brilliant Europe channel from its start to 1989, but on that day Rupert Murdoch removed Free TV from everyone in Europe and started the TV channel “package” revolution. Which ment that all channels were put into different channel packages run by big companies competing destroying a free TV market like USA or Asia got.

This is how the new Sky Channel startup happened on February 5th 1989

The video said its a revolution, but it was a de-revolution for millions of people. People who had bough Satellite dishes in Europe or got Sky Channel on their cable network got just less and less. First Sky Channel was renamed Sky Europe after this launch. Sky Europe was broadcasting before Eurosport, so it shared airtime with it. This resulted in that Sky Channel only had 3 hours airtime left in Europe, while the real Sky Channel on Satellite was pushed away for cable network viewers. At least here in Norway. In the end Sky Channel was completely gone for cable network viewers. I only saw it when I visited Poland. But then in September 1993. Rupert Murdoch closed the Television era that was going to lift Europe television market. They also took many important channels like Discovery Channel and The Childrens Channel with them. Forcing people to pirate Satellite cards and boxes.

Many people got tricked by Rupert Murdoch. Even ASTRA did. Just look at this ASTRA promovideo from 1990. The new TV era was going to benefit all of us,.. just look at it:
Part One:

Part Two:

But mister Rupert Murdoch prevented European TV marked to become like Internet is now. More freedom and easier to give competition.

rupertmurdochspeakingAs you can see on the picture to the right here. Rupert Murdoch gave his speech on June 7th 1988. It was all also broadcasted inside this promovideo from ASTRA, which was broadcasted for a long time on ASTRA’s own promotion channel on Satallite. On June 7th 1988, Rupert Murdoch announced to take 4 ASTRA transponders. He lead a revolution to a de-revolution. Why he did this is beyond my understanding. Sky Channel was doing great with over 5 million viewers in 1988.


So, instead of giving Europe great entertainment, he shutdown everyone except for Great Britain and Irland. It was a shock and tragic thing to do for the free television that was going to be big in Europe.

So, in 1993. Mr. Murdoch choose to scramble everything. Look at the promotion on the video below

Many tv channels got scrambled as a “brand new Sky” from September 1st 1993

Many people lost lots of Entertainment on Satellite. Not only Sky Channel as seen in this video.