Most of us have experienced it. Either we walk or run: On almost inexplicably, our shoelaces often just release without us at all touch them. For many its a bizarre irritating moment as the need for tie them up again sort of destroy the running rythm etc. They can be a constant source of irritation, but the answer to why it happens can also be useful for less trivial scientific questions, and thats what the scientists at the University of California at Berkeley seems to have Solved.

Study published in The Royal Society website

A study, which was published on The Royal Society website earlier this month, mechanical engineers from the university reveals how shoelaces inadvertently loosened.

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Power is Everything

The researchers write that it is the first time that anyone has researched this somewhat obvious question, which irritates so many people. They used a test rabbit, that ran on the treadmill. Also they used high-speed cameras, where footage was then shown in slow motion to get the right answers. In principle, study finds out that the power of your feet when you throw them forward and then stomps on the floor, acting as an invisible hand.

So! When you run. You manage to run so that the know gets loosen because of a tremendous force that is not visible. The knot stretches and then gets laxer while you run, which then in the end give the unwanted side effect.

Colin Adams at Williams College

– We experience the whole time that they detach. Yet no one has taken the time to ask: Why is this happening? says mathematician Colin Adams at Williams College, who was not part of the study, Science

Christopher Daily Diamond however, hopes that this study also may provide answers to less trivial question

– We’re talking about structures with knot. If we can understand the shoelaces, then we can use it for other things, such as DNA and microstructures. They also fails when subjected to forces. This is the first step to find out why some knots are better than others, Berkeley News

Shoelaces untie Issues Solved
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Guide on how to Tie the shooes better – Might even change your Shoelaces untie Issues

The researchers managed to conclude that a variation of the classic loop knot is far stronger than the other. When the loops pointing up or down by tension, you have what scientists call the weak knot – which according to them will loosen more often. Adding loops to the side, however, you’ll have a much stronger knot.


In the experiment, they managed to loosened the weak knot close to half the time, while the weak loosened almost every time. If you still have issues, you should watch the video that is embedded to this article.