Wow! We found a service that sends unlimited files for free! The new service INFINIT is available for Android, PC and Apple/iOs! Earlier we have recommended YouSendIt but it had its limits, and after it became popular they reduced the number of GB and stuff, so it became outdated.

World’ best file transfer service

There something with this little app we really like! It transfer your local files so easily, so fast and so brilliant! No hazzle of questions or forms and uploading or waiting. Everything is exactly like you expect from a professional transfer service!
See how INFINIT works:

Infinit sends unlimited files


INFINIT is easy to use!

With INFINIT it’s easy with the DRAG’n drop function! We love it! Just one thing: You have to be a registrated user, and the person you send it to must be a user to, otherwise it costs money! (Both users must also have INFINIT installed on their devices! With Infinit you can send entire folders, and don’t worry of the file sizes! We also love that it finds the fastest way – if it’s through wifi, bluetooth or other solutions!

INFINIT lets you send unlimited files for free!

Here you can download INFINIT to your device! (computer/tablet/mobile phone etc)


We at Distrita have tested INFINIT out at several devices already, including both MacBook pro and Android mobile phones, and we like the user interface, and it really transfers fast! You get immediate notifications when the files are ready to download or open! We will definitely recommend INFINIT to all our readers!

Send unlimited files for free!

OUR SCORE: We want to give INFINIT the best rating available. 5 OF 5 CIRCLES!