What can be said about Rupert Murdoch? Well! He is a money maker and that’s it. He doesn’t care about development or uniting the world. No! He doesn’t and he never did. This is a person with money takeover plans since he was a child. He ruined Europe’s most loved Sky Channel. People trusted him when he gave Sky Channel more and more income so that they could squeeze out the fantastic music shows like Sky Trax, Countdown and The Race to name a few. He also ruined Fun Factory, which was the best children program ever made on any tv channel out there.

Sky takeover hangs in the balance

As I understand, Rupert Murdoch with his FOX company now wants to takeover Sky completely. However, the British government deny his wish on that. Rupert Murdoch already owns lots of companies. These are The Times, the Sunday Times, The Sun, the Wall Street Journal, Talk Sport and he also got a stake in Sky too.

In 2011 it seems like he also wanted to takeover with a now defunct company that was controlled by Rupert Murdoch also, News International. However, because of the phone hacking scandal. This wasn’t realized at all. So, yet again. Rupert Murdoch tries to kill whats the rest of Sky by buying it totally and even wants to change Sky News into becoming FOX News which is quite a controversial tv channel in the United States of America

Writing in the London Evening Standard earlier this week, the former Labour leader said evidence which suggests the Murdochs should not be allowed to take full control of Sky is growing, and there is an “overwhelming” case for the government to launch a full investigation into how the “Foxification” of Sky News would affect Britain’s media landscape.

The Financial Times reports that it was these concerns about broadcasting standards at Fox News “which prompted the culture secretary to widen the scope of the investigation”.

Fox Chief Executive Officer James Murdoch and fellow managers “now face the prospect of months of interrogation over recent events at scandal-hit Fox News”, says Bloomberg.

Fox News, which was controversially taken off the air in the UK just last week, has been beset by a series of racial and sexual harassment scandals in the US that have resulted in the departure of a string of top executives, including the late chairman, Roger Ailes, and the Fox News anchor, Bill O’Reilly. It is also the subject of an ongoing lawsuit alleging it colluded with the Trump administration to “disseminate fake news” about the murder of the Democratic aide Seth Rich.

Bradley has given all parties 10 days to responds to her announcement before making her final decision.

Here is a Sky Trax special with Pat Sharp appearing in the middle of the night on Sky Channel in 1985

Rupert Murdoch destroyed Sky completely in 1989 and tries it once again in 2017

This business man haven’t done anything good to the news in the world at all. Its all been globalized and he even tries to push FOX News onto Sky News. It’s good to see that the British government is strong, but removing a tv channel like FOX News doesn’t do anything good really. However, Rupert Murdoch killed the best European version of Sky Channel. The channel got more and more tv series from 1986 and all of the music programs got shorter and shorter time space on Sky Channel until the end when the channel changed its name to Sky One in summer 1989.

May the force stop Rupert Murdoch! You lost Pat Sharp and other icons that made Sky fantastic. You killed free tv in Europe also.