Many electro companies in the world is trying to harvest in every segment they can find. The company behind Roku Premiere, which is Roku. Is in fact a company doing so.

Affordable 4K Streaming with Roku Premiere

For the cheapest version, you pay only $40 at Amazon. That is insane low. It beats the price of Fire TV Stick 4K which is priced at $49.99 !

Even with its relatively basic Wi-Fi, I found the Premiere to work well at streaming 4K content, which buffered up to UHD resolution very quickly across several different services including Netflix and Vudu.

To be able to stream 4K content to your TV for just $40 is not just good, but it is insane good. Also the interface is said to be easy-to-use. Most of the time, cheap products comes with solutions that is not so easy to understand. So, this is great!

The cheapest version named Roku Premiere is more affordable than rival 4K-capable products from Google, Amazon, and Apple. It supports HDR video and HDR10, but not Dolby Vision! It outputs Dolby Atmos sound from apps that offer it though. The Roku Premiere is a miniature set-top box with an HDMI port and Micro USB port for power.  It sits nicely under the TV!

The included IR remote is good for navigating the Roku, but lacks the ability to control your TV. But that’s is really up to how you use it. If you use Roku Premiere in a second room for example. It is perfect. Then you only need to turn that TV on and off, and use the Roku remote control that comes with it.

Looking nice and cute under any Television set

Roku Premiere seems to be The cheapest way to get 4K
Roku looks nice as a Streaming device for only $40 !

The design of the box is not too shabby for being a $40 Streaming device. It could have looked much worse! It’s interesting to see products from smaller companies that manages to challenge the bigger ones. Distrita, would love to have one for reviewing it ourselves! Roku??? …

Roku Premiere Plus includes a better remote

For just $10 extra. You get Roku Premiere Plus, which gives you a better remote. That makes the price for the Plus version cost $50 in total, which is also still at a quite affordable price tag.


Unlike the Premiere, which requires line of sight between the Roku Premiere and its remote, the Roku Premiere Plus model can be mounted to the back of your TV, which puts it out of the view and still receives remote commands just fine! So, if you have a picky wife or a husband that hates mess. Then this product is a nice choice.

At $60 there is also a Roku Streaming Stick Plus. This is a HDMI dongle that costs slightly more than both of the Roku Premiere devices. This one, offers superior Wi-Fi. The Premiere only supports 2.4GHz, while this beast supports 5GHz. So, it is a much better buy for apartments or houses with walls or many disturbances going on.

If you however decided to get the Roku Premiere, and place it near a TV that is near a WI-FI router. Then you shouldn’t experience issues. The Verge testers had issues with the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signals. But this is easy to solve.


A nice tip is to make a plan before you buy Roku Premiere for $40 ! Then this is the cheapest and coolest 4K streamer you ever had. For sure! If you do have lots of disturbance. Go for the Roku Premiere Pro which supports the 5GHz signal which is much more powerful.

You can get this product on Amazon by searching for it.


Source, Faksimile: TheVerge