Showgirls_rgbballanceeffectWhen you pay for MorphOS, you also get Showgirls that comes with the operating system. You can get MorphOS running on several “late” Apple PowerPC machines, but also on Pegasos, Efika and now also on SAM460 PowerPC systems.

You find Showgirls in the main Application folder

You find it in your system drawer. The Application folder of MorphOS contains of several apps for MorphOS. Here you also find Showgirls.

Using Showgirls 1.0

The program starts in seconds. The app then shows you a navigation area on the right side and if you click on any picture, then it will open on the left side.

Using the app is pretty straight forward. The app comes with several most to used effects which you also find in way more expensive apps like Photoshop. You can color balance the choosen image, add text to the image or simply at nice glowing effects to your picture. A nice feature is that the program can show you in Realtime the changes youre about to do. This is neat, so that you dont need to add anything until you are totally certain.

Showgirls_glowBatching Image Feature

You could say that Showgirls is a “advanced” version of Preview for OSX. The app got all of the image features which Preview got, but it also got effects as an addon. The app also got support for batching lots of pictures inside a folder to a different size in another folder etc. It also features a Thumbnailer, which can create thumbnails directly out of any picture. These small but handy addons makes Showgirls a more powerful tool compared to Preview for OSX. On Windows, I simply dont know which program that comes as standard with it have the same features?

Showgirls also got a nice searhing feature. The navigation on the left is also very well done. I suggest anyone to make Showgirls run on its own screen as default it opens on Ambient/Workbench screen. When opening on a different screen, then the app can run along side with you using the desktop for choosing music or doing other work at the same time. Showgirls works splendid in multitasking mode.

Improvements that I like to see in the Future

There are many nice features in Showgirls, but there are areas Preview is better at. One thing is the batching feature. Showgirls have such nice navigation on the right side. It does have a right click menu support, which allows to change JPEG pictures but nothing more. PNG, TIFF or IFF images cant be rotated or flipped which is a bit silly. You can however rotate them from the Process menu. The right click menu should have more functions to it I think. Also, the user should be able to choose which pictures he or she wants to be thumbnailed or batched from the right click menu. The added tools are nice, but Preview scores on the usability. If MorphOS want OSX PowerPC users to switch and keep staying with MorphOS. Then MorphOS need to give them same or even better service for sure.


The text tool is fine and it let you put as many single text sentences on a picture as you want. Now thats nice, but it should contain a text box, where user could write much more. The support for only putting just one text line is nice, but I wish there was a better feature here.

Now you think that I am a bit to harsh, but for me it is really important that a program that comes with an operating system, have usage as priority number one. If the program was beta or released seperated, then I would think different. Showgirls should also have nice. Even my small notices on features that could be added, I also must say that Showgirls 1.0 is for sure a very nice program which have many similarities with Preview for OSX. The author Michal Wozniak (kiero) have made a brilliant program which makes its possible to be proud of. Without any big company like Apple or Adobe supporting, he have sure made something that is as good as Preview, but also better and worse than it in different segments.

  • Features
  • Effects
  • GUI
  • Useability
  • Price



If you plan to get MorphOS for your PowerPC system that it supports, then Showgirls is for sure a nice app that comes with the OS. You can open almost any picture, but Showgirls also supports saving in several formats. This includes jpeg, png, iff, tiff and also tga file formats. It is a really handy app and it is very fast. Yes, you will feel that your iBook G4 1.33GHz got some extre horsepowers for sure. Showgirls is for sure a reason to own MorphOS, but with some improvements. Showgirls can be excellent program for sure.

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