Pipe Mania Opening ScreenOn Wednesdays and Sundays Distrita will give you Retro reviews of old games. These games made us laugh or play for so long that our thumbs went red. Pipe Mania is such a game and here is our review.

Build the Pipes

This game came out as early as 1989. It was released for several machines like;
Amiga, Acorn Archimedes, Amstrad/Schneider CPC464/664/6128, Atari ST/E, BBC Electron (Acorn), BBC Micro/Electron (Acorn), Commodore C64/128, Miles Gordon SAM Coupé, PC (DOS) and Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48/128/+2/+3

The aim of the game is to build pipes with several different bricks that falls down on the left side. These bricks can be straight, got corners or even crosses. So with these bricks, you build a path for a yellow-green liquid which will start to flow after the timer on the right side have reached zero. So the aim of the game is to build the path for the liquid before it hits the last brick and you have built enough bricks to be able to progress further in the game.

Pipe Mania Bonus LevelIn later years, Windows had a Pipe Mania alike game and there are several clones done in Java also. But this game and especially the Amiga version still keeps the interest within me and friends who come to just play that game. The graphics starts to become a bit outdated, but the music and sound effects makes it worthy to play this game even now in 2015.

Multiplayer as it Should be

This game offers mind-action for single player. There are normal levels, but the game also have quite nice bonus levels. However! It is in fact the multiplayer part where this game shows its strength. I never had so much fun and laugh when I played it with a friend last weekend. The social aspect of the multiplayer part here sort of challenges your friend if she or he likes to co-operate with you or not.

Pipe Mania First LevelsWhen you do play the game in multiplayer, one player got red bricks while second player got blue bricks. You can choose to either co-operate or destroy for the other one as both of you get points for each of the bricks put down. If red takes over blue pipe, the red will get the points once the liquid starts to flow thru the pipes. This part of the game is something I really misses in today’s games. Its fantastic! and its Fun!

Conclusion of the Pipe constructions

This game name was named as Pipeline when it was developed. Then when it was released in 1989, it was named both Pipe Dreams and Pipe Mania. As I’ve tested the Amiga version, this is Pipe Mania.


Pipe Mania In-Game GraphicsOne interesting thing though is that Lucasfilm have actually designed the additional graphics in the game.

I really urge you to try out Pipe Mania for Amiga. You can find WHDload installs also, so you can just run this game from your Classic Amiga 1200 machine without using disks at all.

The graphics are dated but not bad at all. The music and effects is fantastic. The gameplay is fully working and as additional feature. This game supports mouse and even keyboard. So if you only have one Joystick. This game can still be played.


Happy building Pipes!

Distrita Score: rating5