MacOSXvsMorphOSIf you don’t know. Apple started it’s journey on Motorola 68000 CPU’s, the same CPU which sits inside Atari and Amiga computers. Then they jumped from 68k to PowerPC and in the end MacOSX got released by Apple. They are known for manufacturing iMacs, MacMini, PowerMacs, iBooks (laptop) and PowerBooks (laptop) with PowerPC CPU inside. The very last one had PowerPC G5 in them. Now Apple focuses totally on Intel. But what about the PowerPC Mac’s today? Here we look at OSX vs MorphOS on PowerPC hardware. Read on…

So, what is MorphOS then?
The best way to tell you about it, is to understand AmigaOS history. MorphOS is a Amiga Compatible OS. It is lightning fast and it’s very easy to install on your PowerPC Mac. Hold C key while a burned MorphOS CD or DVD is inserted and follow the process. When it’s done after very few minutes with installing. You can use it on your supported PowerPC Mac. It turns your OSX PowerPC Mac into a much faster experience. For now MorphOS supports MacMini G4, eMac G4, PowerMac G4 and PowerMac G5 (A1047) when it comes to desktop macs. MorphOS also supports iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 models. Make sure that you read MorphOS Team website for full compatibility. One of the most important notes is to know that MorphOS only supports ATI Radeon graphic card versions. Such as PowerBook 12″ which got a Nvidia graphics card will not work.

MorphOS 3.7 is the latest version of this minor operating system. Now the OS got Airport support and supports many more graphic cards than ever before. The development team isn’t the biggest, so have patience. You often meet them on if you wonder about something regarding MorphOS.

computingtableThe differences? OSX vs MorphOS on PowerPC Hardware
I am favoring OSX and MorphOS in each ways. Both of them have ups and downs when it comes to reviewing them against each other. OSX is a very robust operating system. Installing the latest OSX Leopard version gives you a OS with lots of software. Even though Intel Mac’s have much better support. The old OSX PowerPC versions still have support from coders. Also, OSX got old versions of Photoshop, iMovie and Final Cut Pro to name a few software reasons to keep OSX available on your PowerPC Mac. You can have both MorphOS and OSX on the very same PowerPC Mac that support this. And if you are even more alternative, you can have MorphOS, Linux and OSX installed at the same time. This is for advanced users though.

The main difference between OSX and MorphOS is speed. The difference is huge and you will notice this on slower PowerPC Mac’s especially. Example is iBook G4 1.33GHz which is supported by MorphOS also. Here all of computing experience is in favour for MorphOS because of the speed. MorphOS handles slower CPU and less MEM so much that the overall user experience fails for OSX (which is quite fast on Intel). Just by booting your iBook, the differences is already present. After few seconds, MorphOS is done booting into desktop enviroment which is ready to be used.

computingtable2What about software? 
Here the big favour goes for OSX still. There are much more useful programs for OSX (even for PowerPC) that is useful at work or home, but this doesn’t mean that MorphOS is left behind. MorphOS have programs in all categories. Its got Web browsers, FTP clients, DTP software, painting programs, music creating programs, 3D modelling programs, video programs and lots of games. Many AmigaOS 68k games works directly, but also plenty of PowerPC native games.

A good fact to know, is that the MorphOS ISO file, comes with lot’s of software which makes it easier for you. MorphOS lets you connect to the net instantly. No need to download any thirdparty TCP/IP stack like you need to on Classic AmigaOS. With the included Odyssey web browser, your MorphOS journey starts at once.


There are much more useful programs for OSX (even for PowerPC) that is useful at work or home, but this doesn’t mean that MorphOS is left behind.

Web surfing with AmigaOS alike operating system?
With latest MorphOS, you get a webkit browser named as Odyssey, which let’s you browse news sites, social networks and even let’s you use Google’s gmail, documents and YouTube. The browser also supports sites with or without HTML5 content. The HTML5 part is fast. So, if you are used on browsing using Firefox or Safari on OSX, then this browser will make the browser experience on slower PowerPC Mac’s good again. It’s not perfect, but this browser is the closest you get to a fully functional web-browser on any of the AmigaOS-alternatives today. And once the Javascript PowerPC part is done, then this browser will be lightning fast on things that might be tough for it today.

Additionally software that you get with MorphOS is Transfer which is a brilliant FTP client. Also there is Showgirls, which lets you edit pictures, MorphVNC, Apdf (for reading PDF documents), RemoteShell (SSH) and Flacapella which is a small but useful program for burning .ISO files.

To find newest MorphOS software release, you can visit  As for OSX for PowerPC, there is no AppStore that I know of. I tried hard to find, but didn’t find. You have to find software on the net here and there. In the en its frustrating. At this point, MorphOS wins because of tidy way of finding software. Yes, there are seperate sites with software, but MorphOS software can be found on Aminet also, which is one of world’s largest file databases still.


This is not so into depth review of these operating systems. It’s an article to guide you into the possibilites and where to find software. I briefly explained the top and downs about these two OS’s. If you want an OS with todays software, go for OSX. If you want an fast OS with everyday new software that is getting more and more compatible with todays software. Then choose MorphOS. I personally uses MorphOS on my PowerPC Mac’s which is an iBook G4 1.33GHz and PowerBook G4 1.64GHz. Then on the OSX side, I use iMac i7 and MacBook Pro Retina 13″.

Distrita gives MorphOS Distrita Awesome Operating System To Use On PPC Reward!

MorphOS wins Distrita’s heart because it is so much smaller than OSX. The future for the platform is only beginning. New software is appearing on the net all the time on, and on AmiStore soon. MorphOS gives PowerPC a future which many sees as not alive platform. If Apple had continue supporting their PowerPC Mac’s, I would respect Apple so much more. The PowerPC G5 Mac’s are great Mac’s. Dual Core 64-bit CPU’s. Now MorphOS also supports them. The world is full of hardware, and too much hardware is thrown away because companies like Apple abandon them. Its not enviroment friendly. Try MorphOS or Linux for PowerPC Mac’s. It will give your supportet PowerPC Mac much longer life and it Loves it.

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