One of Sailfish OS strongest apps until today is Friends, which is a Facebook app that doesn’t look like it. It simply looks like something which is part of your phone.

Getting it
Goto Jolla store and download it. It should be easy listed on the frontpage or just search for it and Install it. Easy!

Setting up requires you to have an Facebook account. Once this is linked, Friends is ready to be used,.. and what an app!

Using it
When you open your Friends app, all of Facebook News postings appears, but in a very comfortable way. You don’t get the Facebook logo at all and everything looks like it is part of the phone. You can click on pictures, browse them, put likes and give comments or post a comment. You can browse your Albums and the way of showing your images on Facebook is really something that I like very much. The Design of this app is great.

If you want to put a image up on Facebook, you just head over to Gallery app or Camera app and choose a picture that you want to share. Then add a describtion to the photo if you want and click Share. Friends app puts Facebook into a whole new level. Yet I have to see a app as good as this one. There is talks about some Android app with same features, but Friends makes everything else into the dark corners at the moment.

News FeedI have yet to discover disslikes with this app. I haven’t found one. Maybe if there is something I have to comment on it must be the first time the app loads up. It can take some more seconds. But once it loaded, it is updated and your messages is shown in the Messaging app. When someone posts using Facebook, you will see Facebook is written at the bottom of your message. Very cool. Another thing is that I wish this app had Live Multitasking support, so that posts appeared in the small Live Desktop area. Maybe this is in the works?

You can use Android Facebook apps on Sailfish OS, but this app is a native app which means it is part of the operating system that is the one. I recommend this to anyone using Facebook and got Jolla phone or Nokia N9 with Sailfish OS on it. Get it. And send a big thanks to the author of this app. Wow! World can move without Android or iOS it seems. Great!


Distrita Score: 10/10

+ Easy to set-up
+ Easy to use
+ Brilliant interface
+ No Facebook feeling
+ Best Sailfish OS app for Now!

Screenshots is taken with Screenshot app for Sailfish OS

Here is a small Gallery with more screenshots of the Friends app