The mighty 34″ Curved Monitor SE790 from Samsung, is now reviewed by a contributor for Distrita. He have tested it with Windows and AmigaOS 4.1 FE under WinUAE. Read on his experience with this mighty monitor from Samsung.

I am a Amiga guy that started with c64, then a500,1200(T),a4000(PT), A1G4XE, X1000.
This year i finally decided to move on to Windows and only run AmigaOS 4.1/AmigaOS 3.9 inside WinUAE.

I had 2 Windows laptops while using a1 and AmigaOne X1000 but decided to move on and get a powerfull machine to do my creative stuff there as the power and software avaible. And ofcourse for everyday use. The bonus is that I can run AmigaOS thru WinUAE in own window or full screen.

However this article isn’t Amiga specific, but about my New ultrawide 34 inch monitor Samsung S34E790C.
Its connected to my desktop with I7-6700K 4GHz Quad-Core and the pretty low spec but silent gfx card Radeon HD 7750 fanless. I used it in AmigaOne X1000 previous and didnt feel I had to get something more powerfull as I am no gamer. Haven’t tried any game yet, except YouTube videos. A better gfx card I can always get later if I get the need.

Let the Review begin
The monitor is 21:9 and has 3440 x 1440 Ultra WQHD resolution. I tried AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition 1980×1020(fullhd) in window mode and also native 3440 x 1440 in fullscreen mode. You just have so much space for all Windows and dont feel they are in way for each other. Even when running it in windowed mode as described. But anyway AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition isn’t much usefull as the 128MB RAM limit and gfx driver/3D etc. I use it to try out new betas and install 3rd party programs of stuff i used while on AmigaOne X1000. If Hyperion adds support for emulation of AmigaOS 4.1 on other systems and it gets usefull then it will maybe get interesting again. As my AmigaOne X1000 is on repair i couldn’t test the monitor with it. I damaged it while changing hardware so i can sell it. No luck there :)

Why I needed a bigger monitor was for the resolution. Mostly for the music program FL Studio that im into learning. In 1980×1020 the workspace is not so enjoyable as most stuff overleaps each other like mixer, tracks, plugins etc. Mostly folks uses 2 or more monitors for this purpose. Having tracks and plugins in first and the
score in the second etc. Some friends have 3 and 4 monitors so they can use some screens for webbrowsers, irc etc.

AmigaOne X1000 Nostalgia
While i was on AmigaOne X1000 i went from 24 inch to 27 inch. It was easier to read and i didnt had to sit near the screen. The 4K screens was pricey and i think its a bit overload to use for AmigaOS. Something in between resolution would be more sutable. But i got the 27 inch cheap as the store had one samsung changed the lcd to a new one as the first had faults. It comes with 1 year warranty and it looked totally new. But anyway as im on Windows now i have all the power. Screens with 4k would take more space and i was afraid everything would be too small on screen. All I really needed was more space horizontally so i got the ultrawide. Its the most cost monitor I got but I got it cheaper because this one also had a faulty lcd that they changed to a new one. 1 year warranty here too.


No marks or anything. Looks totally new. It has bultin speakers and its one of the better ones comparing todays thin screens. But i have external usb speakers for everyday surfing and listening to music. Also there is adam a8x active monitors (speakers for music producing) on my desk connected to a mixer. Thats for boom :)

amigaosonthesamsung34screenMany interesting possibilities with this Mighty monitor
The samsung monitor you can easily tilt and change height. The monitor is curved which gives an effect like sitting infront of an spaceship controlling stuff. Its nice for movies specially for 21:9 as you dont get black borders. Less good for 16:9 movies but its no problems. You just see some black borders if you dont want to scale the picture.Theres also a plugin for chrome browser to fix youtube videos in ultrawide but havent tried that yet.

I had the monitor only for 3 days now and my eyes have adapted to it. I will change to bigger fontsize for some programs later. I tried cleartype app in Windows 10 and it changed the fonts to look bigger and easier to read. I had to change colours, brightness and contrast and some other stuff to get the picture i like. You have a joystick on the back where you set all the settings (OnScreenDisplay). Its like with every new monitor that is new and bigger it looks too much and my eyes hurt until some days and settings everything its fine. I just need some days more to get used to my head movements left, middle, right, depending on what on screen i want to do. Right now typing on the left screen, chrome in middle and irc on the right and theres still much space left. When i made music on AmigaOne X1000 in program hd-rec the fullhd resolution was ok. Its not strange as most i saw was the score and if i needed plugins, mixer etc just hide/show them. FL Studio on Windows is another story as ofcourse its much more stuff you can do and see visually too keep track whats happening.


Perfect for serious Work
Using FL Studio on Windows now compared to my older 27 inch (bought this year so I haven’t used it that long) is night and day. You have alot of space for everything. I asked my friends but all of them said just use your 27 inch and your 25 inch. Its cheaper as i have them and easy to use. No curves that makes your windowses/gfx look curved. But i like to have less devices on my desktop and didnt want to build new racks for the second screen. Only good place would put the 24 inch over
the 27 inch (main) but as i sit so near I don’t think it would be good for my neck. Anyway this way its cleaner on my table.
Less cables etc.

If we talk about picture editing like photoshop et,c then it would be better with an ultrawide screen without the bended (curved)
screen as I told stuff looks curved on screen. For every day I get used to it and don’t concentrate on it like first day. I read reviews about the screen and it gets ok results. Its not an IPS screen but has less bleeding on the edges like some IPS screens rewieved in same size. I like the picture after all settings and finding wallpaper that fits my screen :).

se_ls34e790cns-en_003_r-perspectivemain_blackNeed to get used to the size
I still have to learn how to do stuff in Windows, you can stack windows next to each other etc to fit better on the screen like for example running several chrome next to each other if you want to see more then one tab at same time etc.

Final words, i love the space horizontaly. Even vertically is higher resolution then my fullhd 27 inch. Just have to raise size fonts
for some programs. First one is hexchat for irc…… DONE!

  • Design
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Price



Features is for me 4. If you ask a hardcore gamer, maybe he would miss some modern stuff and say 3. but then for me 4 as it has also built in spekars. I like the picture etc. When it comes to Quality I give it 4, as I like plastic. My friends would say 3 as they think only aluminium is quality etc. Design also gets a 4 star rating. The price for the monitor, I think monitors shouldn’t be so pricey but it’s a special monitor. I don’t think they sell it as much as normal ones

There is a lot of reviews but heres one if you want to read better describe. Check out the review at

And if you wonder where it is bought, then I got bought it at

Review by
Krister Simon Skrtic

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