Do you miss affordable travel? Well. Swinoujscie in Poland is one of the best affordable beach vacations that you should check out. Especially in the summertime when the temperatures are warm.

Swinoujscie is such a remarkable city in Poland that borders to Germany on Usedom island. This place is something that you have never seen before in your life. The town is very small with just 41516 in population, but at the same time, it is a very popular summer destination. So in the summertime, you can expect the population to double because of the tourists coming from Germany. But most of them take their car to the border and walk as you have several sellers selling lots of “cheaper” clothing and food to German tourists.

The Swinoujscie Beach towards Germany. If you walk enough you reach the German border within 15 minutes from where I’ve taken the picture
Swinoujscie Beach towards Swina river which divides the town

Swinoujscie is so much more than just Shopping

Including being a very affordable city to visit for most Europeans. The city also offers the Swinoujscie beach which is connected with the German cities Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf. Yes, you can actually walk the entire beach to Germany and back without showing any passport.

It is totally free to use the beach in Swinoujscie. There are bars and entertainment on the beach that costs but other than that it is free to use it at any time. In the Swinoujscie there are also two promenade walks. One that is very new which is very close to the beach itself and the other one which is very old but with lots of places to eat and party.

The old promenade in Swinoujscie is a nice place to relax and have some fun

So, when you arrive in Swinoujscie and want to check out the beach in the town. Just walk north and you will find it. From the city center, it takes about 20 minutes to walk. The air in the town is very little polluted so it is a nice walk for sure.

Mini Swinoujscie FAQ

Where is Swinoujscie located?

It is sitting in an area of Poland with 44 islands. The town itself is located on Usedom and Wolin. The city center is located on Usedom island. Both of the islands is connected with two ferries. One in the city center which is only for the residents cars. The other is for all other cars. Both of them er free to take. Passengers and Cyclists can take both.

How long is the Swinoujscie beach promenade?

The Swinoujscie beach promenade is connecting the German city Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf. All in all the whole promenade together with the parts in Swinoujscie is 12 km (7 miles). You can either walk or bike on it.


How to visit Swinoujscie?

The town is connected by ferries from Denmark, Sweden and Germany. There is also two train stations. One on Usedom island which is operated by UBB and DB (German railways) and the other on Wolin island which is operated by Polish railways.

Map of Swinoujscie

Distrita welcomes you to Swinoujscie Poland!