After seven years, Sony choose to close the Playstation Home service. This was a free of charge service for all people that wanted to chat and play mini games. You could also buy furnitures and things with real money.

Closed around 09.00 Wednesday Morning

Since the end of 2008, this funny social thing have been entertaining or irritating most of Playstation users. Why it never took of is a big mystery. Distrita thinks that the service could have survived with some tricks. But maybe the gamers found it too slow? The service took ages to load and when it was finished loading, it needed to load again for every “other” room that you choose.

The Playstation Home was a nice chat place. There was some censorship, but the possibility to use a real keyboard helped the conversations. I sort of felt that this service was a grown up version of Habbo Hotel.

Anyway. Thanks to Sony for keeping the service on for so long. I actually liked the mini-games in Playstation Home. It was really fun and especially the games which allowed more people to join.

Advertisers kept the service alive

Red Bull was one of the biggest advertisers in Playstation Home. They also had a nice flying race game. But most of all Sony related games also had their own chatrooms. There was also a city building game where you could walk in the city. But since some of the games started with in-game purchase thingy. The players started to dislike the chat room service. Serious players doesn’t like games where you can do buy things for extra money in the games. Maybe this was the reason for Playstation Home to get even worse reputation?

What will Sony do next?