“The war” between the two soda giants Pepsi and Coca Cola has been persistent since the 1980s.
The company PepsiCo has recently gained on the sports market in the US and now it seems like Pepsi giant has taken a solid prick against his red rival, Coca Cola.

Coca Cola’s sponsorship of the US basketball league NBA is over after 28 years of cooperation. PepsiCo has now taken over the baton, Business Insider reports.

It is the popular soft drink Mountain Dew to be promoted to the greatest extent. But the company will also advertise other beverage and food products.

Much worth

There have been no official figures on how much this agreement is worth, but the agreement with PepsiCo to be worth more than Coca Cola paid under the previous agreement with the NBA.

In a press release writing a spokesperson for Coca Cola and its continuing fan of the NBA and that they will continue to have a strong presence in the basketball culture through private sponsorship agreements with famous basketball players.

“We will also continue to be visible through relationships with individual clubs,” writes spokesperson message.