You can actually save lots of time and money by choosing Paint.NET software instead of Adobe Photoshop which costs something every month. Yes! Even Windows have choices that are Easy to understand and that save Billions of payments and even time also. So, here is our experience review of Paint.NET software which is totally free for Windows. Read on…

Paint.NET Windows Review
Paint.NET Windows Review | Transparancy is working just fine. The eraser presure is also adjustable

Installing Paint.NET software
From the very first moment when visiting, which is the package website. You can see that this program is aimed at be a free graphical tool. It is easy to follow the instructions on the website and when Paint.NET is installed you find a quite intuitive program with Layers, Effects and support for many formats. If you are used to Photoshop enviroment, this is a huge downfall but if you are just looking for a software that is Free and can handle your images then Paint.NET is really worth installing. No more pathetic struggling with Paint, which is one of Microsoft’s worst programs ever made in my opinion.

Paint.NET Windows Review
Paint.NET Windows Review | Explaining a bit windows and where to find Effects

Using the Paint.NET program
In this program, you have a tools window, colors window, layers window, history window and effects can be choosen from the rolldown menu like in Photoshop. However, in Paint.NET all of these features are much more simple and might even be enough for a person that just wants to crop, rotate or adjust a little on persons images.

After my usage of Paint.NET for 3 years now, I would conclude it is simple but also very handy. It really replaces Paint program a lot that comes with Windows. It is also much easier to use than GIMP where the GUI and parts are hard to understand, even for pro designers. Paint.NET doesn’t have all of the GIMP and Photoshop features, but for what you get its really neat to have and the best thing is that its totallye Free to use. No subscriptions at all!

Simple Layer system that Could be much better!
Yes, I know that this program is ment to be free and simple. However, ther Layers system can sometimes be a struggle. Sometimes when I copy an image that is free to use from the net into the program. Paint.NET sometimes have a bug showing a white border around the image. This seems to be an issue on transparent images. On Pixelmator for MAC that I made an Review of few days ago, this is no issue at all. There is however an easy solution to this, by marking the white areas and then delete the parts with Delete button on your keyboard. The coders of Paint.NET should fix this. Also, when you copu a free image from the net to use and paste it into Paint.NET, then the program should automaticly open a New layer instead of just pasting the picture in the very same layer. In Pixelmator this is done automaticly, but in Paint.NET you need to remember to create a new Layer first and paste the picture you want to use.

And if this wasn’t enough hacknslash on Paint.NET Layer system. The program should have a right menu options box when clicking on the Layers. I know that you can use the small icons underneath for duplicating Layers etc, but if you could choose the Layer you want to dublicate and right click on the Layer you want to do it with, then it would save lots of times. I know that this isnt Photoshop or Pixelmator, but come on coders!?

Paint.NET is Useable for most of people
Even with Layers system that needs to be fixed, the Paint.NET program delivers. It is fast and it is reliable. I’ve never managed to freeze it yet, like Photoshop and Pixelmator have done a few times for me. I also never got a message saying “Photoshop is out of brushmem”. This issue is actually one of my personal reasons for choosing TVPaint on AmigaOS back in the days and still love to use today.


You can import and export .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG, .TIFF, .TGA, .BMP and the program got its own .PDN filetype. Great feature for a Free to download program and there is no adverts or commercials tricking you into buying anything. This software is for free.

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Paint.NET Final Verdict

Paint.NET is free and you really see what you get on their website. This piece of software will save you a lot if you dont need all of the features that Photoshop. Also, because of the size of Paint.NET. This program is really fast. Except for Layers issues, this program is stable. So, if you do have a PC with Windows on it, Distrita recommends it. Its free and great software to use.


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