Atlantis was a famous game published by Imagic in 1980s. Now This fantastic game has been faithfully recreated as a Universal release for the iPhone and iPad and is currently available in the App Store for all retro lovers out there. So, if you want to have some nice retroContinue Reading

A teenager celebrating his 17th birthday was killed in a road crash on February 7th in New Zealand. The second tragedy to strike the family after his mother died in a similar way a decade ago nzharald reports.

A bushfire burning in the hills outside the Western Australian city of Perth has destroyed dozens of homes. Some residents went back to inspect what was left of their property. Australia with its floods and storms this summer, have yet another problem to solve. Distrita follows up. Source:

Panasonic’s new ultralight HDC-TM45 video camera comes in four vibrant colors. It features 42X zoom and features an auto-stabilize function and a 32 gigabyte internal memory. Source:

The restaurant Rice Bowl is an extremely popular thai-restaurant among youth, located in the city centre of Oslo. We have been there and checked out the place! MAP of Ricebowl Location WHERE IS THE RESTAURANT LOCATED: Youngs gate 4 0181 Oslo URL:

The free to use world-wide-web browser Firefox have now overtaken Internet Explorer dominans in Europe. Windows is also shrinking its dominance with its userbase now under 90% in market share. This means that the operating system category so called “other OS’s” in many computing media is moving.