Many Norwegians didn’t care in the Easter on police advice to drop the Sweden trip at Easter. So, all of them returned to a required quarantine. Norwegians think that going there is still a cheaper thing to do than buying local food. And then when the quarantine is over, Norwegians will cross the border again. But some think that there will be no checks and so they travel to Sweden before the quarantine time is over. That is the most shocking experience for the toll customs.

At Svinesund, Ørje NRK (national tv broadcaster in Norway such as BBC) can report that 2,350 people were quarantined after crossing the border during Easter week. That is a lot but not a shock.

I wonder how many were taken for illegal border crossing near Töcksfors Shoppingcenter? Must have been a lot too!

Norway is more strict than Sweden in these Wuhan virus times

Norway got a bit stricter rules than Sweden when it comes to the Wuhan virus and so the quarantine rules are set by the Norwegian government for all that crosses the border to Sweden and returns. The food and everything is so much cheaper there and so Norwegians go there without a care.

It is disappointing to see that so many people travel across the border to act and thus incur quarantine. In the worst case, they bring back the infection and spread it, because Sweden has a different infection picture than Norway, says Teigen to NRK

At Svinesund, which is the busiest border crossing between Norway and Sweden, 1,700 people were quarantined during the Easter week after traveling to Sweden. At the crossing in Ørje, 300 were quarantined.

This is a lot, but it is not a shocking number at all. For many other countries, this might seem extreme, but for these two Scandinavian countries, it isn’t.

Image illustrates the use of cars between Norway and Sweden since early times

Norway’s relationship with Sweden been strong since 1905

I am not shocked by this behavior of Norwegians going to Sweden. Its been in their habit since the end of the 1970s when Norwegian grocery prices changed more and more. The border between Norway and Sweden has been opened since 1905 and was one of the first borders in the world that chose to not have a strict border crossing policy. People could always walk, bike, drive or take the boat over the border without issues. But now with the Wuhan virus times, the border is closed for the first time since 1905.

So it is understandable that Norwegians like to travel to Sweden still, even though there are quarantine rules that are set. Many Norwegians can’t believe or even think that the borders are closed and so they goto Sweden as a normal thing to do. I don’t think that they want to get the quarantine though but they do it because it is in their blood to cross the border for cheaper food.

Let’s hope that the spring brings better times for everyone affected by this Wuhan virus times. Here is a cherry blossom picture from Oslo, Norway to all of you from me. Stay safe.

The border crossing Norwegian also thinks that they bring the Norwegian rules with them to the shopping malls. So they even think that they can do the crossings without getting caught. But they do.


Crossing the border is a habit

Norway and Sweden have always been friends in Scandinavia. Both of them have Kroner as currency, though Sweden got SEK and Norway got NOK. The languages are quite similar and so are the interests. Swedish songs are played on Norwegian radio stations daily and so Norwegians have a quite strong relationship and interest in Sweden.

Police and the Norwegian politicians is correct in checking people crossing the borders like this. But I think that a Wuhan virus check would be enough instead giving these people quarantine.

They write that some manages to cross the borders without getting noticed. But still its a bit too heavy fine. As long as Norwegians keeps to keeping distance, washing hands and don’t go out too much. This border crossing rules should be abandoned.