On 22nd of July 2011, Oslo was attacked by Anders Breivik. Now he sits behind bars and is a pain for all tax payers. In Norway all government taxes goes to hospitals and prisons, but since Anders Breivik needs extra protection he also requires extra attention.

Today its 2015, that means its over 4 years since the Oslo bomb attack by him. But 4 years is long time you say? But the Norwegian government haven’t done anything with the area in 4 years. The buildings around even have wood covering windows still.

It seems for Distrita that Anders Breivik have won as nothing have been done to this area. There have been talks about what to do with the tall government building but yet there is no solution. Why is this taking so long time? Can’t Oslo heal itself? Whats the reason for keeping the area like a deadzone still?

Here Distrita gives pictures of the deadzone in Oslo, which haven’t been changed since 22nd of July 2011

Deadzone where Anders Breivik bomb exploded on 22nd of July 2011
No life in the deadzone area still in 2015


This street was full of life with buss service. No more since 22nd of July 2011
Apotekergata buss station with no service still
Only people in the street. Its closed totally for traffic still 4 years after the bomb attack


These security fences have been here since 22nd of July 2011
The nearest buildings to the bomb blast still have wooden windows


Another closed street near the tall building. No change since 22nd of July 2015


The deadzone in Oslo is really giving me creeps. Norway which is one of the richest countries in the world uses over 4 years to build up itself, when all the flowers after 22nd of July was to take our fear for terrorism away. Instead Norwegian government shows that fear from Anders Breivik still hangs in the air of a nation that don’t know what terrorism is other than in Muslim countries.

We should all show love to anyone out ther. We should respect the others religion and stop any terrorism either its done by Christians or Muslims or Judes. Oslo should wake up and give this deadzone life again. Because now it really looks like Oslo have lost to Anders Breivik.


Peace and Understanding