Many PlatformsOut of 365 days in 2014, the Oslo Central station in Norway had only 1 fully working day last year. All of the newspapers in Norway, and especially in Oslo area have been written a lot about the issues.

Lots of articles in Norwegian Newspapers

All of our main newspapers like VG, Dagbladet and especially Aftenposten have written a lot about these problems, but little seems to have been done to correct the issues. Only on 29th of May at the Ascension day everything went fine. All of the other days, there was some issues here and there.

– It amazes me almost that it was one of those days at all, says Enger.

– 1000 trains a day pass Oslo S, and it will not take much time before one of them gets some minutes delayed. We have many days in Oslo where we are within our goals, and I think that’s very good, she says.
Elisabeth Enger states on

It really seems to me that they simply don’t take this news seriously at all. She writes that its better to have delays than none? This is quite serious and she shouldn’t have wrote that at all.

Oslo Central StationThe 10 Worst Stations in Norway with Issues

  1. Oslo S
  2. Lillestrøm
  3. Narvik
  4. Nationaltheatret
  5. Hell
  6. Magnor
  7. Asker
  8. Bjørnfjell
  9. Skøyen
  10. Sandvika

So what we know now is that all should be aware when traveling with the train to Oslo Central station. There can be issues. However, Oslo Central station is not the only station with issues in Norway. Six of the ten worst stations located in the Oslo area, where the traffic is highest.