PhotoShop Thomas KnollToday the Adobe beast is trying to squeeze money out of poor students and other talented people. But back in 1988, the Internet wasn’t invented and Mac’s with color screens was extremely expensive. Now everyone which is related to design, knows what Photoshop is. When you apply for Design jobs, they often write Photoshop skills as an number one requirement. And that’s how big PhotoShop which is named Photoshop today has become.

PhotoShop started up in 1988

Now the very first version of Photoshop which was made by Thomas Knoll (the original author) is out on Macintosh Garden website. This one is version 0.63 which was the very first Photoshop release for 68k Macs. Macintosh Garden have managed to put the original image file, Mini vMac friendly disk image and Manual in PDF format here:

So, if you are into nostalgia and Mac then this is something that you should check out for sure. Remember that this version came out Before Photoshop became an Adobe product. It’s really a gem from a time when machines didn’t have several MHz and GHz in speed. Very interesting!

Compatible With

Mac 68k MacOS Systems
SheepShaver Emulator
Basilisk II Emulator
Mini vMac Emulator


For Free