The Norwegian government is the biggest liar in the entire world. Trying to tell everyone that Norway is such a nice environment-friendly country. Yet we search for oil and in every plan for improving the transportation networks all talks about the railway are totally ignored. So, when VY (which was NSB) won the contract for the line between Narvik in Norway and Stockholm in Sweden.

Almost nothing new is getting built when it comes to railway construction here. But when the road companies want to build something, its almost no discussion at all. They just get the work done and earns millions on it.

Politicians seem to not see the importance for the northern parts of Norway

The infrastructure in this part of Norway is really bad as it seems that most of the politicians in Norway only love the Oslo area. This part of Norway is also important so VY or anyone in the Norwegian government should start to electrify the line between Trondheim and Bodø. At the same time, they should extend the train line to Narvik and then finally all the way to Kirkenes.

The northernmost part of Norway is the worst car-friendly part of the country. It is this part of the country that is most fragile and if Norway wants to preserve its nature there. Then the government of Norway needs to start putting money into our northernmost region.

The majestic Trans-Siberian railway in Russia proves that a railway is what connects them with the rest of the world. And so Norway with its oil income should start to care. The stretch between Bodø and Narvik is only about 100km. It’s not far at all. Yes, it costs to build railways but when you know that 90 percent of all railway lines in Norway were built before the country found oil and became rich. Then it changes that perspective a bit too I think.

Two daily departures between Narvik and Stockholm from 2024

The agreement period for VY is for the years between 2020 and 2024. The Narvik to Stockholm railway route assignment is awarded to Vy Tåg AB which Norwegians knows lots about since they were the national railway company in Norway before.


So from now on, the transport you from the heart of Narvik to the heart of Stockholm. Distrita welcomes VY and I hope that they are able to deliver.

Night Train between Narvik and Stockholm

The service will also include night train traffic that is important for accessibility, and we are satisfied that we have now secured traffic for the next four years, says Anna Fällbom, unit manager of traffic agreements and transport network at the Swedish Transport Administration. To just take a train and sleep on the way to Stockholm in Sweden is a nice feeling. Sleeping on trains is some of the best experiences that I’ve ever had in my life.

The night train from Narvik in Norway to Stockholm in Sweden will run with two daily departures in each direction. The assignment period for VY runs from the 14th of December 2020 until the 14th of December 14, 2024. It’s an unforgettable train experience as the journey takes you through one of the world’s wildest nature parts.

Norwegian government should care a lot more about its railway infrastructure!

The huge mountains that are bordering between Norway and Sweden are majestic and will in the summer months be amazing to experience from the window on the train. However, 95 percent or so of the route is in Sweden. Because the route between Narvik and the Swedish border is only 27.37 km which isn’t much at all. People in Narvik will still have a nice connection with the capital of Sweden. But I still feel its a bit odd that you can’t take the train from Narvik to Oslo which is Norway’s capital.

Vy Tåg AB was formerly called Tågkompaniet, and is a Swedish company that is part of the Norwegian Vygruppen, this is stated in the press release. It will be interesting to see how they will run this service now. The greenish colors are not loved as much as NSB’s style yet. But maybe sometime in the future? VY must now prove to deliver.

So, together with this press release. I want to shout out to those politicians in Norway trying to convince the world that we care so much for the environment. When every transportation project is forgetting or don’t want to add any railway expansion to the plans. Norwegians can dig many kilometers with highway tunnels but constructing some easy to be made railways tracks is hard to do or too expensive. Our politicians just don’t care about the environment at all. It is all about money and fame. Shame!