Do you remember the Comments and Question / Q & A sections in almost every magazine before the net was taking over? Distrita takes that feeling back. Our dedication of becoming a site for everyone is starting to become a reality. A reader of Distrita have sent this comment about Norwegian Supermarkets:

All the Norwegian supermakets have “Barbecue” theme for the moment.



Grahame writes:
Hi – I read your article with interest as I have been working in Norway for a while, and knew that Lidl had tried to open but had not succeeded.

Now there is much to love about Norway – its people, its scenery, its culture – all to be admired, and I have loved working over here.

However, your supermarkets are appalling – amongst the worst in Europe. Poor choice, overpriced, food not as fresh as it should be – they really need competition, and this will only come from allowing competition. It’s unlikely to come from the larger European supermarkets :  Tescos, Carrefour, Sainsburys and the like are not going to come here, possibly due to population size but also due to the difficulty of setting up here. But Lidl and Aldi might have added some spice to the market, so it’s a pity that they weren’t allowed to succeed. (I should say that I’m not a fan of the European Union – I think you were right to stay slightly outside it).

Rimi and the Co-op etc aren’t trying hard enough because they don’t have to – so the customer is suffering. You are being taken advantage of – you deserve better.

I’m retiring soon – I shall miss almost everything about Norway – it’s a lovely place. But I shan’t miss your supermarkets!

Grahame Christian

Distrita answers:
Hello mr. Grahame. Yes you point out many correct things regarding Norwegian shopping centers and Norways expensive food. Our politicians wants Norway to get more and more tourists every year, but our prices scares people away even if Norway have beautiful nature.


About our shopping centers I partly agree with you. The competition between our supermarkets in Norway is almost none, but there are some that have lots to choose from like Ultra. But again. They are expensive. Lidl visited Norway for some years, but because of Norwegians loves their own supermarkets like Rema 1000 and Kiwi. The newspapers and media also wrote lots of bad articles about Lidl  and how they treat their workers. So in the end, even with slightly better sales in the end. Lidl had to sell it stores in the end to Rema 1000. With Lidl trial to compete with the Norwegian supermarkets, the competition actually started to become something. But as soon as Lidl was gone, the Norwegian supermarkets had no real enemy anymore and our supermarkets competition was gone.

Thank you so much for reading Distrita and I hope that we inspire you and rest of everyone which reads our magazine.

Take Care,


Best Regards,
Michal Bergseth

The supermarket Rimi has just reached 100.000 likes on Facebook and is the first supermarket in Norway reaching this goal. And Rimi really needs likes.

In one of the latest surveys Rimi had  the lowest popularity, They have big problems making money in Norway and RImi/Ica can be the next “Lidl” in Norway that must close their doors.