You might be thinking that with UN and other sites worldwide, that describes Norway as world’s happiest and best country to live in. These places however, doesn’t mention things that is controlled by the government and actually shrinks peoples freedom.

So! On the outer shell, it seems like Norway is the happiest and best country to live in. Someone manages to pull this to you and me as sort of western propaganda. But the truth is quite different for certain people in Norway.

There are simply too many things, that makes Norway to a country where bureaucracy and rules ain’t that shiny for everyone living there. Here I want to explain how the government manages to control peoples freedom. So, here I go thru cases where the Norwegian government got full control or want to have but struggles. Read on…

Child welfare in Norway removes parents freedom of their child completely

When someone reports you for what they think is child abuse. They can call to the child welfare system without needing to describe their name. If the child welfare system finds out that this is a case that must be taken then you as a parent which is acused for doing child abusement will need to follow child welfares checks and family therapy. Even though you haven’t done anything! You as a parent have nothing to say.

The Child welfare system in Norway also got higher priority than Police, so forget going to them. The child welfare was made to take care of child abuse, but it also removes parents freedom of speech. They will use every possible resource on you, even if you aren’t guilty. They also tell you as a parent how you should raise the child you’ve got. If you say that you are used to raise your child as in Poland, Estland, Russia or Spain. Then that is wrong! And do not ever mention that you hit your child for doing wrong things.

If you don’t follow those standards, in the end if they see that you dont follow the Norwegian child welfare system or the Norwegian way of raising a child then they actually have the rights to even take the child away from you. There are several cases now regarding Norwegian child welfare system and there are no politicians in Norway that wants to do anything with it.

Yngve believes Barnevernet first became concerned about his granddaughter because initially she was cared for partly by her Chinese grandmother, to allow her mother to rest. That’s common practice in China, but not in Norway, and Yngve thinks it made the authorities suspicious.

“I think this has to do with our Norwegian understanding of culture compared to other cultures,” he says. “Barnevernet have their own definition of normality.”

Here is one of the more recently cases from BBC, where the Norwegian Child welfare don’t care about the family or the parents. They just want to push the Norwegian way of raising childs on people. Even going as far as destroying families lifes without investigate enough before they come. It’s pretty drastic to out of sudden appear and pull the family children away without even mentioning anything ahead of their action. Barnevernet as it’s called is known worldwide for its actions, that is simply beyond any normal system quality.


Norwegian Government TV must be paid for even though You don’t watch it

There is no freedom regarding TV in Norway at all. You need to pay a fee every half year if you buy a TV at any electronic store. The service itself ain’t too bad, but not everyone likes the government controlled TV stations. Yes, they are commercial free (except for bigger events and sport events). There is no commercial breaks at all and now in 2017 they broadcast almost 24 hours a day everyday.

But, where is the freedom for those that don’t want to watch these government TV channels? There isn’t. You just have to pay, either you want to or not.

Also! The price for having a TV in your living room, is the same either you have well paid fulltime job or are a student with minimal income. The government TV channel, which is named NRK also got the most strictly payment system in Norway. Yes, its more strict than paying your power, internet or other obligations. If you don’t pay on time, the fees is doubled and there is no way to actually give NRK a good argument. Pitty and very !


Lottery Authority tries to control You also

The Norwegian government wants to have full control on your betting. Even though the intension is good, they have managed to throw out every competition. So, while before it was allowed to have different kind of gambling and gaming machines where you could win or loose money. Now, Norsk Tipping simply have a totally monopoly. They even have their own gambling and gaming machines, where you can win or loose money at kiosks and shopping malls. However, there is no freedom on who should get the income. This is something that the Norwegian Government thru Norsk Tipping can only decide. People on the streets can’t choose to play or loose to donate money to what they want anymore. They simply can’t anymore!

It just seems like the Norwegian Government, is simply taking more and more control of peoples choices. But people in the streets just ignore it for the most, because they think that Norsk Tipping is the best thing for Norway. But, good and serious organizations that got income before isn’t getting it anymore like before. So! This is pretty harsh politics, which is done from a government that pulls freedom as a thing that Norwegians does have. Because they don’t!

Now, they even try to ban internet gambling totally, by trying to tell Norwegians banks to stop any gambling winning or loosing transactions.

The Lottery Authority believes that the foreign gaming companies’ activities violate the Norwegian exclusive rights model. The gaming companies, on their part, believe that the order is in violation of the EEA Agreement.
The foreign gaming companies therefore believe that the Norwegian gaming monopoly violates the EEA agreement. They point out that Norsk Tipping is spending more and more money on advertising, and the Hamar giant now offers exactly the same games as the foreigners.

So, the Norwegian government tries to get more and more control. However, foreign caming companies fights a battle, which is a good thing to do. Monopoly is always closing peoples freedom and Norsk Tipping is doing whatever they can to give Norwegians less freedom.

Earlier in April, the announcement was announced that the UK media authority rejected the Norwegian Government’s request to stop gaming advertisements on Norwegian TV channels broadcast from the UK.

So, Norsk Tipping even tried to control the Norwegian tv channels that broadcasts from United Kingdom. Thanks to Great Britain this didn’t happen.


Once you have elected a political party, The new Government Decide the fate!

People thinks that the Norway is a free country. They really do! But the truth is that we just have a different kind of leadership than Russia, Japan or USA to name a few examples. They have their own rules and in Norway we have our. The freedom is very limited, and we are so easy tricked by the Norwegian political parties before the elections.

These parties praises, promises and give people reasons to vote for them. But what people doesn’t think of for the most of the time during these elections is that WHEN the election is over! Then the party you elected out of sudden changes totally view of the topics that they went into election campaign for. So, what you elect is just a name and not the party’s polictics.

Also! After the elections, You as a person have nothing more to say. You just need to accept everything that the political parties inside the government votes for. You and me have nothing to say. And then the question goes to you? How much freedom does a Norwegian citizen have? Almost none!

Freedom isn’t freedom before You and Me can become part of decisions

So, here I have mentioned some topics where people have less to say when it comes to freedom in Norway. There are more government controlled divisions like those that care for healthyness in restaurants that is called Mattilsynet. This is however something positive for you and me, as when entering a restaurant you know if you will get food that is made in healthy enviroments or not. Some decisions are better than others, but all in all it should be up to people really. There should be way more elections where people can decide about bigger changes.

This article is made for you, to get some knowledge about Norways Government and freedom. People in Norway got much less freedom than what told in media. However, I love my country. But people should have more to say in these topics that I’ve mentioned in this article. There are countries that are worse or better than us out there. But now you know some of restrictions that Norwegians got in their daily life. In your country, this might be totally different and you might have a totally different opinion about Norway than me. But in my conclusion here. Norwegian government does like to have much more control of its citizens than you might think. And maybe it’s possible to change this in the future? Is it?