The Norwegian government tries to hide lot’s cruelty towards its citizens. One of them that only those which is affected knows how deeply in hurts. In Norway it seems to be the government that controls parents life and not them. Here you need follow the standards of the government and thats a really scary thing that is just getting worse and worse.

Anyone can report to the Norwegian Child Welfare Anonymously

If you only have some issues with your neighbour and fight a lot with them. You can actually report to child wellfai anonymously. That is pretty wild and for me born in Poland and heard about the Stasi that anyone could report to it’s pretty wild. Especially since Norway is supposed to be a “western” country where this wouldn’t be possible.

Police is weaker than what the Norwegian Child Welfare is! They told us!

Yes! You can report to the Norwegian child wellfair anonymously, without the need to contact the national Police. Also, the case that gets reported is also ranked as much higher than any Police case would be able to handle.

I have been a victim in this system, where my neighbour falsly accused us for beeing violent towards our child. In the report the Norwegian Child Welfare accused me for be the bad person towards our child, after that they’ve got a anonymously call from one of our neighbours! We never got any help from the Child Welfare regarding who accused us. In the letter that we got, we got info about them spying on us from their balcony or even from outside to our living room which is pretty wicked since our apartment is at second floor, with our balcony having physical doors around it to keep the cold out. Regarding outside comments, we have a outside area but looking from there is pretty difficult. So they had to really spy a lot from their apartment.

The description in the letter from Norwegian Child Welfare was that I yelled to my child. That everytime they looked into our living room, my wife and I just sit on our sofa doing nothing when the child cries and that my child cried non-stop for several hours. Describing that we only sat with our mobile phones and did nothing. The best thing about this, is that I am against that he should be exposed for tablets or even mobile phones at all. So! This description is totally false!

Also! When a child is only few weeks old. It is normal to cry a lot. That is totally normal, and both of us are a warm hearted family regarding him. He is our miracle! We love him so much! He cried more or less everyday, but not in 8 hours! After 1-2 months he automaticly cried less. So, by the time we got the letter from the Norwegian Child Welfare in December the case that was reported happened eventually in October 2016???


Norwegian Child Welfare told us how a child should act,  look and be at his age

This Results of throwing us into conversations with the Norwegian Child Welfare office, was that they clearly told us for every meeting that we had with them that we could goto case against them but we wouldn’t win. They arranged lot’s of meetings, where some of them happened at our home. They measured our child! If it’s healthy enough, if its arms and legs are ok and if he is connected to me or not. I really felt like a victim of something really big and also I have lot’s of knowledge how the Nazi regime doctors asked the very same questions-

They wrote everything down. In the end we had to meetup at parents talks with the government, which in the end found us not guilty at all! But we really felt that we were treated as criminals for the time we had with the Norwegian Child Welfare system. We know who the anonymously child wellfair neighbour is, as the description revealed them. We never talked to our neighbour, but everytime we see them there is this cold looking at each other.

Norwegian government have full control over every parent in Norway! But remember to report anonymously

Norwegian government does have fully control over you as parents if you get reported. No matter what! They set the standard on how a child should be and act at every stage of their lifes. You have really no rights to say anything or get to know anything about who reported you to solve the issues with the person that did acuse you. The Norwegian Child Welfare, was started because of government wanted to get ridd of child abuses which is understandable. But when people uses this system for other purposes? That is pretty wild! My case is just one of many that no one is writing anything about.


I wanted to publish this to the net, because the world needs to know whats going on in Norway. Once the Norwegian Child Welfare gets the cases from anonymous reporters. They can choose if the description is enough to goto action or not. Anyone can be reported and children can be taken from you if you don’t co-operate with them. Do I sense some communism vibes in this?…

I write to you, so you know what’s going on in Norway!


Here you can report Anonymously to the Norwegian Child Wellfair