At this moment, 99.8% of the votes were counted after the Norwegian election day yesterday. The right wing had received 1,408,831 votes, while the Labor Party, SV, Center Party, Red and Environmental Party The Green had received 1,419,554. But because of the Norwegian election system, the right wing won.

When we count on the MDG as part of the socialist wing, even though they themselves insist that they are block neutral, they get red more than 10,000 more votes than the blue side. Nevertheless, the right wing parties receive nine more representatives that will represent them in the Stortinget.

It is the Norwegian electoral system that is the explanation. The counties in Norway have different population sizes and because of that voters in Finnmark or Sogn og Fjordane count more than the votes from the more dense populated areas as Oslo and Bergen.

How many mandates one gets from each county is what matters

This is all crucial in the Norwegian election. The left wing did now get increased support all in all, but little influence will give them as they are not the political parties that will rule Norway in the next 4 years.

It was only the Center Party, SV, the Green Party and the Red party, which increased their support. The labor party lost too much and because of that lost too many mandates. So in the end the right wing won.

Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush time vibes in this Norwegian election for sure

The same thing happened in the US presidential election at the end when Hillary Clinton received more votes than opposition candidate Donald Trump. Many also remember that Democrat Al Gore received more votes than Republican George W. Bush in 2000.

In the UK it’s even worse. There can be a lot of 35-36 percent of the votes, but they will get a large majority in parliament if they win the right constituencies.


So, for now, the political situation in Norway is pretty unclear. The pirates in Norway did only get 0.1% and lost totally. But this liberal party will get it’s feets back on the ground. There’s been much turbulence but now the party got a new leadership so there is a hope to see the Norwegian Pirate Party to do a much better comeback in four years. Also in two years, there is another election which is regarding the counties in Norway. Solidarity and the liberalists at Pirateparty in Norway wanted the party to get the same reputation as the Icelandic one but it didn’t happen and now the work for getting our Pirate party more popular has already began.

Well, we will try to inform you on whats going on in the Norwegian political system later on. Right now it’s a mess, because … even though the right wing have won. There is lot’s of wars at the moment regarding who will get the right seats in Stortinget. Two of the parties like KrF and Venstre, doesn’t want to co-operate with FrP. This is a extreme right wing party in Norway, which is a extreme party that got the Danish Venstre and other right extremist European parties as their allies. FrP is actually one of the many reasons that made Breivik the person managing to do his terrorist plans against innocent people. He even thought that FrP was to mild, but many members of this party are extreme and they for sure influated his mind.

FrP can be said as the party that managed to change his mind regarding becoming a terrorist. He bombed Oslo and killed many innocent people there and also young people at Utøya! This party is also the one that is against foreigners coming to Norway. They are also the party that rejects people from other countries, they deny enviroment warnings and wants to focus on building roads they say. This is one of the most extreme political parties in the world and the Norwegian government let them rule. But now with KrF and Venstre denying any co-operation with them and the Red party also having a person at Stortinget too. The debates in the next 4 years at Stortinget will be heated up for sure.


I personally hopes that they manage to get rid of FrP at Stortinget! That would give peace to people and their hearts.