Scandinavia is loosing 3 great tv channels from 15th of July. Nonstop Television will stop Showtime, Silver and Star broadcast. These channels will be deeply missed, because of their variation of movie and series support. They also show lot’s of indiefilms.

Worse TV experience for Scandinavia after 15th of July

Many great movies. Action, sci-fi and thrillers all the way. At some point they also broadcasted indie cartoons and even Japanese anime! Will be deeply missed. Also the channel was totally without commercials. Showtimes idents is also quite nice.

Silver and Silver HD
Lots of movies from all kind of areas of the world. Many indiefilms and both of the channels broadcast 24 hours without Commercial interruptions.

A only celeb channel. Showing lots of American gossip shows. Very nice idents and the whole design of the channel is actually catchy.

TNT still alive

It seems for us that Nonstop Television company goal is to continue Scandinavia coverage with the TNT channel. But what sort of reputation will Nonstop get after this move? TNT idents are much worse than all of the 3 channels that they have decided to close down. The content is still interesting, so we at Distrita wonders about it’s future. Will it survive? Their first idents when TNT was launched had some feel to them, but now its just nothing special anymore. Is Nonstop Television digging it’s own grave?

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