If you live in the city or suburban areas like Newcastle in Australia. You probably have access to public transportation. The new line that has been built has created more positive thinking for this remarkable city in Australia.

All sorts of commuters travel to and from work, school, and shopping every day by use of these services. Many people use this form of transportation to visit friends and family and to take care of all their personal needs because it is an excellent way to travel without having to worry about doing the driving. Newcastle in Australia needs better public transportation services to be built.

But in Newcastle, only buses are making a big impact is my impression. The new line isn’t doing much at all with only 6 stations. The city could have supported a 5 line light rail network for sure.

Get around a city without the need to find parking

Public transportation in most of the bigger cities in the world includes but is not limited to, buses, tramways, subways, commuter trains, and ferries. People use these services for a number of different reasons.

For example, some commuters don’t own a vehicle so this is a dependable way to travel where they don’t have to depend on someone else to carry them everywhere they need to go. Many others choose to use this type of transportation so they help to reduce the carbon footprint they leave behind.

There are many benefits associated with using public transportation and some of these are listed below:

  • You don’t have to worry about dealing with all of the traffic on your way to and from work or waste time looking for a parking space. Someone else does the driving for you so you can sit back and relax. Then when you arrive at your destination, you’re dropped off with no hassles and when it’s time to return home, you’ll be picked up the same way
  • You won’t have the expense of owning a vehicle such as car insurance, car payments, and maintenance
  • It’s economical and helps provide income for thousands of families by creating jobs
  • Public transportation has a set schedule so you always know what time they’ll be running. This makes it easy to make a schedule around the hours the transportation is provided
  • It helps to reduce the harmful emissions released into the air when you drive. In other words, it is a much greener way to travel from one location to another. There is also minimal with dust created
  • Instead of spending time behind the wheel of a car stuck in traffic, you could be reading a book, preparing documents or doing a number of different things while someone else deals with the rush hour traffic

Even if you only use this alternative transportation for your commute to and from work and drive when you travel personally, you’re still helping the environment by cutting back on the use of gasoline and the number of harmful emissions you emit into the air.


There are many benefits associated with using public transportation and it’s so easy to do. As the concerns over the environment become more wide-spread, this form of transportation will surely become even more popular.

Finally, a Light Rail solution has Arrived in Newcastle


  • Opened in 2019
  • 1 light rail line
  • Connects with the central station
  • Uses special CAF made light rail trams
  • Runs from the central train station to Newcastle Beach
  • All are low-floor

Newcastle’s name is often linked to the United Kingdom but this one is located just a few steps toward the north from Sydney in Australia. The population got about 310,000 inhabitants.


So this town deserved a light rail system. But the question is if the price tag for building this new overhead less system is something that can be expanded and loved by you and me. If this is it and there are no more plans. That’s not good at all.

Let’s just hope that the public transport company in Newcastle expands it so it won’t end in loss. 310,000 is a lot. Innsbruck in Austria, Alicante in Spain and Nantes in France are the same in population but their light rail tramway systems are covering lots of places. Newcastle in Australia lacks this.

This light rail system is very interesting as it got a new system that isn’t used a lot at all. So maybe its good to test it out on a stretch with only 6 stations to see if it works.

The entire line is very short but none of the sections uses overhead power at all. All of these special CAF made trams are all powered by capacitors. Not even batteries are used.

With this technique, the layout doesn’t need any power lines. But it’s weakness is that it needs to be charged at every station. So, maybe the Sydney solution would have been a better choice for Newcastle? It is an interesting question. Because with having such an odd system, the will to expand might cost?


All of the light rail line in Newcastle was built as the replacement for the closing of the last 2 kilometers of the rail line into central Newcastle. So this is a tiny but a very interesting light rail line that they should extend right now. All of the regular revenue services was launched on the 18th of February 2019.

Only 6 stations that connect the central train station with Newcastle Beach

This new light rail network should be improved a lot. A city at this size should have a light rail system covering everything.

There are no plans for expanding the service yet. I have been digging around and I couldn’t find any plans but the public transportation company in Newcastle should really think about this. You care about the environment, but you don’t do much? Why? The citizens deserve to be able to go green around the city.

Light Rail Service since 2019 in Newcastle

On the 18th of February 2019, this new kind of transport method was added to Newcastle. It is just one line. It is only 2.7 km long but uses a former railway route.

There are no plans for expanding it as I am aware of. I tried to find info about this but without luck.


Unique CAF Urbos 3 light rail trains

The design is quite good for Newcastle Light Rail

This very short line is operated with CAF Urbos trams, without overhead wires and battery-charging at stops. They seem to be very slow or for some reason, they can’t go any faster? If nothing is done here, I don’t know how long this line will be available. A light rail system must be at the size of which you can find in Canberra.

So, I really urge Newcastle in Australia to rethink and move on quickly. A 6 station line is not enough but maybe I am the one that should rethink this?

I really want to see Newcastle evolve. It is a small town that is so beautiful that this is for sure a great move but the slowness and the short line makes me worried about its future. Also, a reason for politicians to discuss the needs of having a light rail system. There are also cities in the USA that have done the same mistake. But the light rail in Newcastle is built right and it is separated from the car traffic which is very good.

Recommended destinations in Newcastle

You can visit many beautiful places near the light rail in Newcastle. Nobbys Beach is one of them. This beach is only about 500 meters away from the Newcastle Beach light rail station. So if you come to Newcastle with a train from Sydney you can have a nice time here.

From Queens Wharf station you can take a short walk to the doc nearby to the north where you can take a boat from Queens Wharf to Stockton Wharf.

It also bypasses The University of Newcastle where many people study. Marketown Shopping Centre is not far from the Honeysuckle light rail station. Then Newcastle Civic Park is near Civic station. So there are lots of options.

For more vital information about the tickets and routes for other types of Public Transportation systems such as buses and trains can be found on NSW Government Newcastle Transportation site