This news is quite unique. It is about a TV named The Terrace and it is made for people that want to watch TV outside on their balcony or at any place outside together where sunny days shouldn’t be a reason for not watching TV.

The price for such TV is wild for sure, but then this is a niche product that is not meant to compete with the TV in the living room. Because this new TV from Samsung is a product from them that you should have outside. In Samsung’s press material we can see that the TV is mounted on various patios, clearly in the range of rain and all kinds of storms.

So Samsung has great confidence in its own certifications for water and debris. You can watch the (rather long) boast video above for more details.

Unique TV for outside locations with remarkable HDMI solution

Some might argue about how to connect to HDMI connections, power, and the internet and still maintain waterproofness, but here Samsung has a ready-made solution: HDBaseT connectivity. In short, this is a fixed cable that conducts both powers, video, mains, and audio over one connection, which then leads to a box where everything can be connected (preferably indoors).

photosource: Samsung – The Terrace is for homes that wants to have entertainment outside

The panel itself should be no worse than Samsung’s other panels, with fully backlit local dimming, expanded color space with quantum dots, and – perhaps most importantly – an anti-reflexive surface treatment.

A thicker Frame for this TV from Samsung

The frame is made of metal and looks classy, ​​but is much thicker than most other TVs we see today. This is the enormous brightness that must be blamed for this requires both ventilation and plenty of space to implement. Two 20-watt speakers are also integrated, giving you the “Ambient” mode that lets you view photos and art when your TV is not in use. Yes, you can also buy with an equally waterproof soundboard called “The Terrace Soundbar” (see top image).

Along with “The Terrace” is also a new variant of Samsung The Frame and Samsung The Serif, both intended for indoor use. You can read more about them here.

photosource: Samsung – The Terrace is a bit thicker as you can see here. But it must be so it can coup with rain

As for accessibility, The Terrace TV product from Samsung will not come to Scandinavia right now at all. Because as of today, only the US and Canada markets can buy this outdoor TV. However, a little later this year it is promised globally.

The Terrace is a TV from Samsung that loves Rain and Sun

“The Terrace” from Samsung in this article is a 4K TV intended for outdoor use, and it comes with a unique design that is both waterproof and dustproof according to the IP55 standard. But even more amazing feature of it is another functionality required in outdoor situations: soaring brightness. Specifically, 2000 nits. Most laptops are bearly between 300 and 400 nits.

So what is Nits then? I’ve never heard of it and found good information about it:


Nits is a unit of measurement of luminance, or the intensity of visible light, where one nit is equal to one candela per square meter. Nits are used to describe the brightness of computer displays, such as LCD and CRT monitors. The higher the number is, the better it is for watching the content on the screen with the sunshine shining on it.

Samsung itself lists three models and they aren’t cheap! 55 inches costs $ 3,455, 65 inches are at a whopping $ 4,999, and 75 inches priced at $ 6,499. So this is a TV for those that really want to have a TV in their backyards. It is a niche product but I see a huge potential for it anywhere actually. This technology will be perfect for public transportation companies around the globe. This technology is what’s needed for tram, metro, and bus stations showing arrival time.

A very interesting product from Samsung for sure.