The well known AmigaOS 4 developer named Hyperion Entertainment came with a shocking announcement this week about a new AmigaOS 3.1 Update on their website! Hyperion Entertainment write on their website that they have managed to break the silence. The whole thing looked great until I saw what this release was all about. This release shouldnt be out in the state it is, as it is  a proof that the commercial Amiga market does extreme things to keep it flow. It is not good for its reputation that yet another case puts Amiga into a corner. Why don’t the Amiga market learn?

What you see Is what you Get
With this new AmigaOS 3.1 update from Hyperion, you get a very small update for Workbench 3.1 and Kickstart 3.1,  that you actually need to pay EUR 9.95 incl. VAT for each of them. Yes! It is possible to buy them in a package together, but then you get only a 20% discount. The update also includes replacement of the popular Amiga checkmark. Hyperion have replaced it with their Boingball owned logo and copyrights is rewritten with Hyperion Entertainment instead of Commodore. Is this product worth EUR 9.95? Distrita doesnt think so!

Not only the price is Negative
But the negative note about this news doesnt stop with its price. When you read thru their news on their website. Me as a buyer would never ever buy anything more from them.

This is what the package of each contains:

Workbench 3.1 (v40.43) update for Amiga desktops

(for Amiga 500/600/1200/2000/3000/4000(T) computers and Amiga emulation software)

The Workbench 3.1 (v40.43) images can be written to real Amiga floppy diskettes or used in Amiga emulation software. The changes include:

Compatibility with A4000T
Installer fixed to use proper assigns which allows installation from other media in addition to the 6 floppy disk set
Special BONUS – Workbench 3.1 (v40.43) is supplied with a FREE updated licensed copy of Workbench 1.3.3 which incorporates the following changes:

C/SetClock v34.3 by Olaf Barthel, which fixes Y2K issues and also works on newer Kickstart versions. (Note: the old SetClock command has been renamed and left on disk for reference purposes)
Deactivated “FF” program in Startup-Sequence to prevent problems on 68020/030 processors

Kickstart 3.1 (40.72) update for Amiga desktops

(for Amiga 500/600/1200/2000/3000/4000(T) computers and Amiga emulation software)

The Kickstart 3.1 (40.72) image is the first test release and can written to EEPROM chips for use in real Amiga computers or used with Amiga emulation software. It contains the following new components:

exec.library 40.12

Updated copyright information text
Fixed a small bug in the memory pools code which mirrors the same bug fix in the same code that was used in amiga.lib.
strap 40.3

Added the Boingball logo which replaces the rainbow-coloured checkmark logo. Slightly brighter background colour.

workbench.library 40.6

Rebuilt with SAS/C 6.59 to free up more ROM space because the copyright text in the updated exec.library. No other functional changes.

scsi.device 40.21 for A600

Small bug fix to the IDE task initialization making is compatible with the A600. (Note: older Kickstart ROMs used scsi.device version 39, because unlike version 40, it did not crash on the A600)

scsi.device 40.21 for A1200

Same binary as used for the A600

Special BONUS – Kickstart 3.1 (v40.72) is supplied with a FREE licensed copy of Kickstart 1.3

After over twenty years of waiting for a update for AmigaOS 3.1 for Classic Amiga systems. This update should be a much bigger one! If you choose to buy both of them, you end up at paying around 20 Euros! And these updates are just minor updates that no one would charge for. But in the Amigaworld, Hyperion seems to think that this release can help them improve their economy. If this is the case, then how about creating a update that everyone would love to use AND support. If Hyperion Entertainment are serious regarding this and they read our article, they should have priced this product way lower. It is shame to see such respected company that is behind AmigaOS 4 to do something like this for the reputation that Amiga got. We need support, but not in a way like this one.

This update shows us, how their economy is struggling instead of actually do something positive. When Hyperion need to set such price at such level to survive, it’s really silly.

I hope that this release will however increase their interest for making more updates for Classic Amiga, but if Hyperion Entertainment starts to charge each update like this. Then this is a big alert and it is really sad and hurting I think. After more than twenty years, such update for AmigaOS 3.1 should give the users a lot more. I am not talking about a update on a mordern OS level, but for a price of 20 Euros the OS should have got a update that would really make it worth updating. I am not interested in getting the famous checkmark replaced by boingball and getting a little extra for that price. No way! For now, I will stick to the original Workbench 3.1 and Kickstart 3.1 from Commodore. This new Release is simply not worth it, but if you want to just support Hyperion Software. Then it is worth spending money.


Hyperion Entertainment