Wings Battlefield available!Cherry-Darling is pleased to announce that our new game Wings Battlefield is finally available for purchase from the following resellers:

Because we only have few test machines we strongly suggest to try before you buy!
Quite some things were improved since the first demo version, so make sure to get the latest one!

Wings Battlefield

The ultimate head-to-head 3D air combat game for your next-gen Amigas!
Fly through the canyons and hills and take out your opponents before being taken out by them.

  • 1 to 4 players battle
  • split screen or LAN*
  • human or CPU opponents
  • adjustable CPU intelligence
  • player profiles
  • adapts to all screen-modes / window sizes
  • Tate mode (pivot monitor support)
  • best played with your digital joysticks
  • procedural level editor
  • three different landscape styles
  • online high scores
  • lots of graphics options to get the perfect balance between performance / quality
  • localized to English, German, French, Hungarian, Greek, Spanish and Swedish
  • automatic updates (actually the first update that adds another gfx option just arrived ;-) )

* LAN! Not WAN! If playing LAN sessions each player is required to have his own CD licence key!
The latter does <em>not</em> apply to the kind people who significantly donated or helped us in other ways :-) As being mentioned in those interviews: we don’t forget that!

Wings Battlefield available! Wings Battlefield available!
The professionally produced CD contains:

  • MorphOS version
  • AROS x86 version
  • AmigaOS4 Warp3D version
  • AmigaOS4 Compositing version
  • and a, er, Windows version
  • plus some goodies and the manual
  • your personal licence key printed on the CD
  • all wrapped up in a nice DVD box that’ll look just great next to your Ace Of Hearts box ;-)

The game does <em>NOT</em> support or feature:

  • a Warnock algorithm or whatever ;-)
  • Classic or emulated Amigas. In theory it may probably work on something like an A4000, PPC, Mediator, Radeon 9200 setup – but it certainly won’t be much fun. However, we cannot test, therefore: not supported officially, sorry.

Be sure to read a full review of this game later on Distrita website!