NetSurf 3.3 in AGA mode

There was a time when web-browsing actually didnt require lots of cpu and mem. Before CSS came, classic AmigaOS had lots of browsers like iBrowse, Aweb and even also Amosaic. Now we are in 2014, and people still loves classic Amiga. So mr. Artur Jarosik have begun to port NetSurf to 68k AmigaOS. It actually adds CSS support for Classic Amiga owners!

Now he have released NetSurf 3.3 with AGA support. It means that if you got 68030 50MHz + FPU, you will be able to surf again. At the moment if you dont have FPU, the browser will not start.

Here is some of the updated features:

  • fixed 100% CPU usage
  • fixed restart button in AGA version
  • return to wb by clicking on throbber (right upper corner) or with middle mouse button (AGA)
  • added all available options file (Resources/AllOptions)
  • press key ctrl+backspace to go back
  • assign of netsurf: to netsurf folder is required now to avoid not finding resource files

Here you can download NetSurf for all Amigas with AGA:
NetSurf-m68k.lha (AGA build included)
Thanks to Artur for the screenshots!