IMG_2226While most of today computers have either gone Intel or ARM. The Amiga (A-EON) still holds its own platform as the only PowerPC mainstream computers still in production. The amounts is not the biggest, but what’s most important is saving PowerPC as an alternative platform to the Intel giant.

Soon, AmigaOne X5000 will be released, which is supposed to become cheaper than AmigaOne X1000.

MorphOS on X5000 demonstrated

We already knew that AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition will run on AmigaOne X5000. But we didn’t know if there is something developed by MorphOS Team for AmigaOne X5000. They revealed that it’s Amiga Compatible OS runs on AmigaOne X5000, which is the latest nextgen PowerPC motherboard from A-EON.

We didn’t think that this will happen so fast, but this is quite known for some time within the Amiga community. The Amiga people have known that MorphOS 3.8 will be released for SAM460, which also supports AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition. So to see MorphOS moving towards new PowerPC projects is really interesting.

1Alternative Computer Meeting showcase in Wolfsburg, Germany

All of this news item was a surprising showcase, which was revealed in Wolfsburg, Germany at Alternative Computer Meeting. The meeting is still going on in one of Amiga’s strongest markets in the world.

Interesting times ahead

These news are indeed very interesting. But this showcase is only done for showing that MorphOS have been porting. But Guido Mersmann gave this interesting news to site:

Guido Mersmann from the MorphOS team tells us this is merely a tech demo for now, a release of the Operating System is not planned before the release of MorphOS 3.10.

Interesting times ahead for Amiga users and for those which hopes for more competition within CPU and the Computing marked. After Apple left the PowerPC scene it’s clearly that computing pricing have sky-rocked and Apple knows how to control the market also now. Can PowerPC come back?