What sort of web browser do you use for your Windows 10 PC? For most of the people, the choice would either be Google Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi or Opera to name a few. Microsoft has tried people to get to their platform for years.

Back in the days, Microsoft tried to force people to use Internet Explorer but people didn’t like that. Microsoft wanted to take control of the Internet and set its standards there but the users of the net didn’t. The same goes for media and politicians that wanted people to have choices.

People wanted open standards and not getting forced to use Internet Explorer. Microsoft also tried to make people like Internet Explorer in Windows 10, but people rather chose Google Chrome or Firefox. So, Microsoft changed their browser from Internet Explorer to Edge.

But still, Microsoft hasn’t got any significant boost in users. So now they are trying to do dirty tricks to get you to switch to their web browser.

Microsoft thinks that annoying ads will make you switch to Edge if you use Firefox

Windows 10 users have been getting more and more ads. These are ads not just for other products but some of these ads are designed to persuade you into using Microsoft service or Store apps.

Including popping ads. Microsoft also advertises or suggests apps and services to users via the Windows 10’s Start menu now it seems. They never stop to try to annoy you! So, by default now, the Start menu has a “Suggested” listings for Windows Store apps and services that you don’t actually own.

Microsoft has now started to show a text ad for its new Chromium-based Edge web browser in all apps list. The ad, which shows up under ‘Suggested’ listing for Start menu, recommends using the new version of Microsoft Edge.


Only Firefox users are attacked by Microsoft for now

Even though you are a happy user of Firefox. Microsoft is doing this only for Firefox users. Not for Google Chrome or Vivaldi users still. I wonder why, but I can only speculate in a tight co-operation with Google that makes it impossible for them to do such a stunt against them.

It seems to me that Microsoft never liked Firefox since it became more popular than Internet Explorer. Surprisingly, the ad is targeting Firefox users. If you have Firefox set as your default browser, you might see the advertisement or suggestion in the Start menu. Depending on whether you’re actively using Firefox or other browsers, the recommendation may or may not show up.

“Still using Firefox? Microsoft Edge is here,” is the ad label message to you and it includes a link to download their Edge Chromium-based browser. It also appears that the ad recommending Microsoft Edge continue showing in the Start menu even if you’ve already installed it.


You can remove the Edge Advertisement

Luckily, the Windows 10’s ads that is pushing onto your start menu can be disabled with a few system tweaks and it’s worth modifying the settings if you don’t want to see them.

To disable such ads in the Start menu, right-click the ad when you see it and select the “Turn off all suggestions” option in the context menu. You can also open Settings and navigate to Personalization > Start, and disable the following option:

  • Occasionally show suggestions in Start (see the picture above)

Showing advertisement in applications or desktop operating systems (OS) is not something new that Microsoft have found out that its fun to make to annoy loyal users today. Oh no! A report recently also revealed that Microsoft is planning on adding adverts to Wordpad on Windows 10 that encourage users to try Office web apps instead. You can read about it here.

Do you remember the Internet Explorer fight?

Non-Google browsers get Chrome adverts

Microsoft is not the worst man in the annoying advertising sea that is doing this. Google also advertises its own Google Chrome browser when you browse its search engine results in non-Google browsers such as Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera or even Edge.

Windows 10 adverts can for now be permanently disabled with a few tweaks unlike the Chrome ads in Google search results. But for how long will this be possible? Microsoft is a master at annoying people. And they wonder why people flee to Linux?


I simply have a question? Does people like this advertisement implementation in a desktop operating system OS revolution? Or is this something that annoys you?

Because if you let this advertisement madness just go on by the biggest names to earn even more, then Windows 10 will, in the end, become a Shopping Channel where you just give out all of your parts to Microsoft. Someone needs to stop them. We recommend you to change from Windows 10 if you don’t like ads on your private desktop.

What will you do?